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Another Lawsuit Filed Against CLEAR/CLEARWIRE! (January 19th 2011)

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A Partial Remedy for Some – User Submission by Paul T.

December 15th, 2015

I knew i wasn’t alone, this page at least makes me feel a tiny bit more comfortable. It does seem that sprint sent out their notifications, then pulled the plug on everyone anyway. I hate sprint for wanting 200$ for a new modem and 100 for 10gb of data. I wonder if their other subsidiarity customers like those on freedom pop and boost are realising any hardships.
I personally think that we should now focus on sharing alternatives or research weve found on new coverage. Im unable to get capable, though if i was Time Warner is just as ruthless. dsl through Verizon was one an idea when i didn’t use the internet as much, but after Sandyv they take screwed the NY client base. For someone like me, who may not have excellent credit or tons of cash, this is really a. hardship. This week I’m going to change over to 4G lte by using a sim card router/modem that i bought from China. If you understand the network frequencies, you can obtain some very good service from the other telecom companies or rather MVNO plans. I realised the android hot spot i have through my phone works 10x better than Clear. It’s through Metro PCs, hence T Mobiles network. Since it worked well, i took note of the frequencies, and found the best data plan i could SO FAR find that comes from an MVNO provider, and bought av Hwuawei usb modem off eBay supporting the (1700/2100) frequencies. Funny thing, i have changed my configuration to using my ClearHub lan port to my Android tv box, then the hotspot tethering feature on android. I dunno why but it’s working much better, at least for this last week until August 31 ive had a better connection
Service is one problem with Sprint, but data allotments in the USA across the board are shit. In Europe, plans like O2, Three, , etc have data for amazingly low rates. What I’m going to have to do is a) conserve data b) turn off WiFi when not issuing it, literally, and c) continue researching for a better solution 10 GB OF data is what i purchased for 55.00 , and though I’m used to unlimited, im sure my use would be down measurably if i only watched how ive wasted it. There, i said it, we were spoiled by unlimited data , but we’ve got to realise that in the USA the internet situation has so far too come. Unless we’re prepared to move house to Europe or China, we’ve got to work together to share resources and bring about positive change. Just make sure to give as much detail without creating a footprint for other carriers to worry about. We don’t want to ruin it for everyone. It’ll take a while, yes, but eventually sorrow will come in the end for Sprint.
I shit on the grave of Sprint executive’s mothers for treating people like dirt in times of recession
What is everyone else doing?

Clear sucks – User Submission by Terrance E.

August 29th, 2015

Ok, so i brought it in dec 2014 the told me my cost will be $75 due to my credit. I gave them money thru my credit card . than i notice the next day i got 25 more dollars than the following day another 20 dollars i asked why they told me well your credit required more money. Why didnt they tell me that from the jump. Mind you all this happen before the equipment came. Now when it came i notice there wasnt a meter that tells me how much gigs i was using so i asked them to email or text when im approaching 30 or going over. Nothing i got nothing. I had clear for 2 weeks. In fact they turn me off by mistake and said i need to pay 175 to return services . after two weeks . i was so pissed i went to sprint and they told me that that cant take the damn modems

Clear Sucks! – User Submission by Sheldon S.

August 29th, 2015

I’ve had Clearwire for about 4 years, it works sometimes but mostly not at all! I called a few days ago to cancel my service and they owe me another month. Now it doesn’t work at all! I’m all in for a class action. Btw, att lte works much better.

Uggggh! – User Submission by Pam H.

August 29th, 2015

Since Clear has sent out notices to cease service, I barely have any service at all! I’m paying for constant dropped connections, god-awful slow connections, and generally piss poor service. The sad thing is where I live I can now choose between Century Link and Comcast for internet service and they both SUCK! I’m sick and tired of monopolies in this industry. It means every consumer loses.  

No Service – User Submission by John J.

August 29th, 2015

I contacted Clear Tues. concerning not having any connection since Sunday. I was told that my tower had a problem and it should be fixed in about 24 hours. I contacted them a gain today (Thurs.) asking when this would be fixed and would I receive some kind of credit for non service.

They said that the tower was still out and I should try connecting to a different tower. They said there was one east of me (the window I have the modem is faces east) a mile or so away. There is another one to the west but I am unable to aim the modem in that direction and still connect to my computer.
They also advised me of the cost of the Sprint plans. To get the equivalent service I have now will cost about three times as much. Their plans start with about 3 GB a month. With today’s websites heaving on graphics and videos, you can’t do anything with 3 GB a month.
Sprint has data caps (which apparently Clear doesn’t) which severely limit what you can do. Computer websites are using more and more data to do basic operations. Even email tends to be graphic oriented and this will only get worse. The internet companies see this and are trying to milk their customers by limiting the amount of data you get.
Computer internet is no longer a luxury. It isn’t like the old days when everything was text oriented and used little data. A 3 GB data plan is basically worthless and would be used up in a couple of days. (And I don’t do games or movie streaming and other stuff that really use a lot of GB.)

Throttling – User Submission by Michael B

August 16th, 2015

Just wanted to pass along that I have been having the same issues here in Nashville, Tn. Odd, because I received the letter from Sprint that the service was ceasing as of Nov 2015. Soon after, bandwidth was choked. Today it got really bad, so I did some research, got on a chat, rebooted per his request (for the 4th time), and all of a sudden, my speed increased.

Tired of their shady practices, but glad there are sites out there like yours that hold them accountable.


User Submission by Matthew F.

August 12th, 2015

I don’t even know what to say. Where to start?  The god awful customer service? The service itself?  This is a great service for two weeks before the service takes a Cleveland Steamer on you. My fiance and I have been using Clear for the past 9 months, and she even had it before I moved in. We’ve determined the lights don’t mean ANYTHING. The service sucks just as much with five bars as it does with one. Talking to these idiots is enough to make me want to punch my own mother in the face over a nice Sunday dinner. They tell us to “try moving the router to a different location in the house. ” Doesn’t work, of course we already tried that first. Streaming, downloading, gaming, looking up a damn zipcode, impossible. $62 a month. For this. They’ve refused to credit us for anything, even when they admittedly had an outage for almost a week. We finally switched service. I would rather get nuzzled in the back of a windowless van by my old little league coach then spend another dime on this scam. How this service is even legal, I have no clue.

Clear service became a joke – User Submission by Christina V.

July 11th, 2015

I have had clear/wire for many years and at first, I didn’t have too much of a problem, however, after some years passed the service lagged, frequent dropping of internet service, turtle slow intrnet speeds etc. If there is going to be a lawsuit, I am totally in. I feel that clear was a good idea for internet service for people on a budget, however, just because it was inexpensive, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have run to the expectations and promises given by them. Now that Sprint merged we have to buy new devices, and no more unlimited plans. I do not have cable, and Clear is the only internet option I have in home and outside, to operate my smart tv, wireless printer, pc, tablet and so on. Its not fair that WiMax is being scrapped at Sprint, therefore Clear will no longer be available. Its called being unloyal to loyal customers and GREED! Thanks alot Sprint and Clear!

Time for another law suit – User Submission by Ben B.

July 10th, 2015

I have been a clear(wire) customer for years; putting up with spotty service and throttling, listening to customer service tell me to use the internet in “off hours,” upgrading for little improvement, and other problems most Clear customers are used to. Recently it is apparent that Clear feels no obligation to provide even minimal connection speeds, or even connection at all. I am wondering how they can continue to take money for services that are not provided.   There must be some federal regulation that covers this sort of fraud, and I would be happy to join a lawsuit, less to get money back, as it seems from the last lawsuit that the amounts would be small, and documenting download speeds difficult, but rather to see these guys put out of business, or at least fined big time, as an example for other internet providers who might be tempted to follow their model of including language in their contracts that allows them to throttle at will, or otherwise not deliver what they say they will deliver.

There needs to be a large consumer rejection of lousy internet service, that might pave the way for federal regulation: If you can’t provide what you say you will provide, you don’t get paid. No excuses. OK to charge for usage on a sliding scale, leave it up to consumers to follow the best deals, “free” enterprise at work; but if you can’t deliver its rebate time.  

Customers can record their internet speed with many apps that are currently available. If more than a few customers show speeds below what is paid for…rebate time. 
Ben B

Terrible Service – User Submission by William O.

July 10th, 2015

I have been with Clear/Clearwater for years and everything about the service sucks, but every month they are withdrawin out of my account faithfully. So if there is a class action lawsuit againts them I would like to be a part of it. Than You. William O