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Clear Internet Services – User Submission 

December 15th, 2015 | by admin |

Letter Sent to Washington State Attorney General
I have used Clearwire for internet Services for a few years, Dec, 2009. I lived in SeaTac .5 miles from the tower and had ok service with 4-5 interruptions/year. I moved to Kent,WA and live .6 miles from the phone/cable tower and it is generally aweful. I have had over a dozen outages, and numerous problems with the Service. The outage can be 10 or 15 minutes to an hour and I have had 1-2 that were 2 hours or more. I got 1 receiver device CPE/150 (about $90) then a free refurbished one expecting it to receive better signal Model WIXFBR131 from the CLEAR rep. 
The complaint I am making is based on speaking to an ex representative of Clear who works for a different Service, and I found that Sprint now owns CLEARWIRE, and it is dropping Accounts and I was told by the
ex-representative that CLEAR can throttle the speeds of Internet downloading/uploading to be lower and less usable.
I believe the ex-employee from CLEAR and that SPRINT is doing this at my residence .6 miles from the tower I am using. The closest SPRINT office is in between my Apartment and the close by tower ,2 blocks from the Storage where the tower is at.
According to CLEAR employees I am actually in a triangle of 3 towers and should receive excellent services,but I don’t. I have to refresh my web browser 10-25 times a day or more some days. It has failed today even before I could phone the Attorney General office to speak to them. I have asked how can I be .6 miles from the CLEARWIRE tower and Service be this bad ?
After many calls and requests for help,I would get instructions to unplug the device and wait 10 seconds and plug it back in and the reps ask how many lights are lit up on the modem/receiver I can have 5 but should have at least 2, but mine usually has 2 if I am lucky. The light shining to is show signal strength. I have done thiws 30-40 times…
I have also been told to put the receiver in the window and on the North or East walls of my Apartment ,but it doesn’t have windows on a north wall and the east window is in a bedroom.
When the service is out of normal commission , this makes the internet seem to be about 1/2 speed or 1/2 way usable. The refresh circle on YAHOO MAIL or other website will spin for 30 seconds, 1 minutes, 2-5 minutes several rimes a week.
The support reps i.e. Jason have said this can’t be improved and had kept my Service charge at $30.00 after it was gong to be raised up to $35.00/ act as a compensation since the Service isn’t up to expectations. Jason asked me also to message him on Facebook to address the modem/receiver issues and so I did that once or twice.

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