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Clear as Shit Water – User Submission by Jacob R.

December 15th, 2015 | by admin |

Out where we live Clear has been the “best” option for internet for a long long time now. Sudden link won’t come out to us, even-though our neighbor about 100 ft away can get it, declaring us unserviceable, and AT&T doesn’t reach into our area. Let me tell you though that while Hughes net and other companies suck worse than Clear, it’s not by much. Even if you pay for higher speeds it doesn’t matter, as the customer service people, who are from India or something and speak little understandable english will tell you. It all depends on the “traffic” on the tower. Too many people on the tower, which happens all the time, especially when you really want to use it (aka after a long day of work) and the internet bogs down to a creeping crawl, and you’re stuck with constant interruptions, making it pretty much unbearable. I spend 30% of my free time trying to reset my equipment to see if it will work better, only to always be met with failure. Thank god Sprint is buying them out, because while Sprint’s data plans suck ass, Clear fucking sucks so bad someone should have buried them a LONG time ago!!!Sincerely,

Jacob R.

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