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A Partial Remedy for Some – User Submission by Paul T.

December 15th, 2015 | by admin |

I knew i wasn’t alone, this page at least makes me feel a tiny bit more comfortable. It does seem that sprint sent out their notifications, then pulled the plug on everyone anyway. I hate sprint for wanting 200$ for a new modem and 100 for 10gb of data. I wonder if their other subsidiarity customers like those on freedom pop and boost are realising any hardships.
I personally think that we should now focus on sharing alternatives or research weve found on new coverage. Im unable to get capable, though if i was Time Warner is just as ruthless. dsl through Verizon was one an idea when i didn’t use the internet as much, but after Sandyv they take screwed the NY client base. For someone like me, who may not have excellent credit or tons of cash, this is really a. hardship. This week I’m going to change over to 4G lte by using a sim card router/modem that i bought from China. If you understand the network frequencies, you can obtain some very good service from the other telecom companies or rather MVNO plans. I realised the android hot spot i have through my phone works 10x better than Clear. It’s through Metro PCs, hence T Mobiles network. Since it worked well, i took note of the frequencies, and found the best data plan i could SO FAR find that comes from an MVNO provider, and bought av Hwuawei usb modem off eBay supporting the (1700/2100) frequencies. Funny thing, i have changed my configuration to using my ClearHub lan port to my Android tv box, then the hotspot tethering feature on android. I dunno why but it’s working much better, at least for this last week until August 31 ive had a better connection
Service is one problem with Sprint, but data allotments in the USA across the board are shit. In Europe, plans like O2, Three, , etc have data for amazingly low rates. What I’m going to have to do is a) conserve data b) turn off WiFi when not issuing it, literally, and c) continue researching for a better solution 10 GB OF data is what i purchased for 55.00 , and though I’m used to unlimited, im sure my use would be down measurably if i only watched how ive wasted it. There, i said it, we were spoiled by unlimited data , but we’ve got to realise that in the USA the internet situation has so far too come. Unless we’re prepared to move house to Europe or China, we’ve got to work together to share resources and bring about positive change. Just make sure to give as much detail without creating a footprint for other carriers to worry about. We don’t want to ruin it for everyone. It’ll take a while, yes, but eventually sorrow will come in the end for Sprint.
I shit on the grave of Sprint executive’s mothers for treating people like dirt in times of recession
What is everyone else doing?

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