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Ripped Off!! – User Submission by Julia M.

April 19th, 2015 | by admin |

I’ve had CLEAR service for several years.  I have had the occasional experience of the device getting no signal for a few hours due to bad weather or what have you, but nothing that’s lasted past a few hours.  However,  yesterday April 18, 2015, my CLEAR SPOT started blinking red and wouldn’t get a signal anymore.  After being told by 2 different people that my signal had been consistently weak,  they tell me there’s nothing they can do and I should find another service provider!  Really,  after several years in the same place now suddenly my SPOT just stops for no reason?  The resets they try of course don’t work and they advise me that it’s the area I’m in,  even though as I already said,  I’ve been here for years without issue!  So I have no choice but to cancel the service to which I then ask “So you’re going to refund me the days I have left that are already paid for correct?  And the answer I get is “I’m sorry ma’am,  we cannot give refunds after the first 48 hours once your payment is processed!  So your basically telling me I’m paying CLEAR for internet I’m not even getting?  And once again,  all I hear is,  I’m sorry ma’am!  Yes,  I’m sorry too CLEAR because that’s a very unprofessional way to handle your dedicated customers, by ripping them off! 

  1. One Response to “Ripped Off!! – User Submission by Julia M.”

  2. By D on Apr 20, 2015 | Reply

    from what ive seen, make sure you change your credit card after you cancel your account because they like to steal money out of your account the month after you cancel and sometimes more months after that and they dont give refunds for money they steal either.

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