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Clear is getting worst and they don’t care – User Submission by Rick D. 

March 11th, 2015 | by admin |
After 5 years of being a Clear customer using their personal hotspot services, I have decided to quit.
Clear internet services NEVER were good, the first 2 years I complained constantly about their speeds (less than 1MBPS) but the actual credit card charge continued to be for full 4G speed. Two years ago, Clear decided to start charging me more suddenly and did so at their convenience. I didn’t mind since Clear services improved after the several class lawsuits they lost. However, for about 1 or 2 month, the worst of their service has came to reality. Suddenly I just don’t have any Clear internet service despite the device being in Green or Orange status. Complained several times to Clear, tried all corrections, cookies, locations, etc. and all I got was… no internet services. Embarrassing Clear speeds of 0.19MBSP, 4G?. What’s Clear response about all these?  Full charge to my credit card for delivering NO internet service consecutively. Clear decided to cancel technical support recently, if you call or even chat, their remedy is “Power off your device” and wont’ provide you any other assistance, or they give you “Rest assure this is the best service we can provide. Why you would stay with someone you don’t like”,  Say what???
Is this company dying irremediably? Didn’t Spring join venture save Clear?
Anyway… I’m out! and I want my MONEY back!
Any class lawsuit for 2014 or 2015 I can join? or start one?
  1. One Response to “Clear is getting worst and they don’t care – User Submission by Rick D. ”

  2. By max on Mar 26, 2015 | Reply

    Sprint is taking the spectrum, they are already building out 65 mhz, i am helping as i own a telecommunications company.

    After this network is build, clear we be shut off forever. This is why they dont offer new devices. This is why i have clear and refuse to cancel. 5 million pple left and dropping. Chances are if there are enough of us left we will get a sick deal and get ported over to the sprint network with our own personal deal!

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