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Archive for July, 2013

Constant problems – User Submission by Peter M.

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Router constantly resets. I cannot get a full day's service out of it. I dont know if the router is defective or the service is just that poor. I have two and three dots as far as signal strength, should be fine. I had an online chat with a "customer service" ...

Marginal service and disconnect policy sucks – User Submission by Paul W.

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

I live i the Jacksonville,FL area and have been a subscriber to CLEAR for a while. I finally decided to end my month-to-month agreement with them today as I switched to another provider. I was informed that they do not refund the unused portion of a months service and I paid ...

Terrible Product – User Submission by James O.

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

I paid 50$ for a router, 50$ a month, and a 20$ activation fee.. I can't even play xbox live without asking my friend to turn off his wi-fi on his phone cause it makes me lag out. If I'm playing no one can be connected to my wi-fi for ...

Yep, they rip me off too – User Submission by Greg S.

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Since i purchased this worthless piece of garbage i had about 20-100 disconnections per day increasing. I cannot go to more than 5-6 pages in a row without beeing blocked. I call them four times and they basically said that my internet was working just fine, by some mean (well that ...

Clear will charge you account anyway even with auto-pay off – User Submission

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Clear again charged my account after I told them to take it off auto payment. i just got hit with a bill to the same account after i told them repeatably to take me off auto pay. Just today i got charged again to the same account ...

CLEAR is a sin – Steven M.

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

"The way Internet should be." If CLEAR was the way Internet should be, I'd love under a rock. Ever had Internet so unreliable that you have to disconnect from it 20 times so that YouTube and Google load? Well Clearwire guarantees that you'll be throwing your laptop out of a ...

The best service… Not – User Submission

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

I've had this cr*p of a service for almost 3-4 years even bought another modem/router claimed by a Best Buy rep this is better and my speeds would increase and got me to sign up for 49.99 a month. (I was hoping I'd get Verizon fios for those last 3 ...

Clear is ripping off customers – User Submission by Serena C.

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

First, they want to sell me the most expensive Internet plan with a cheap modem. Since I rarely download anything and only use Internet for e-mail, web browsing etc., I asked for the $19.99 plan. They could not explain what the 2GB limit entails and want to sell ...

Clear sucks – User Submission by Antonio A.

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

I been having clear Internet for about 5 months now I have the "unlimited clear high speed Internet " which I pay 55 dollars for a month at first the speeds were fine but than I have notice they have been getting worse i play a lot of online ...

User Submission by Selah A.

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Not one single kb transferred since I joined Clear - though the service rep said it would work at my address, when I searched on their site, it said it wasn't in the coverage area, and also they put some random address on my account. after 5 calls today, where ...