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Another Lawsuit Filed Against CLEAR/CLEARWIRE! (January 19th 2011)

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November 25th, 2011 | by admin |

This has got to be the worst piece of shit service existent on Earth. I signed up with Clear two months ago, and I would get an interruption of service at least 5 times a day. For 50 dollars a month, and virtually non-existent internet service, this is definitely a bad combination.
In addition, when I first signed up with Clear, I initially requested the wifi router. But after I found out that they would charge an additional fee per month for this router, I quickly cancelled my order. The idiots at Clear said that since the order was placed, they could not go back and cancel the order. What? Bear in mind, this was 10 minutes after I placed the order. Well, this created a nuisance, to say the least. They charged me an extra 50 dollars for a router I never needed. They told me that I would get a refund once I mailed back the router that I didn’t want. I had to mail it back and PAY for the shipping myself, which came out to an extra10 dollars out of my own pocket. Then, I had to wait about 6 weeks AFTER I mailed back the router to finally receive a refund. But, not only did I have to wait; I also had to call them about 10 times to remind them that I was not paid back in my refund.
You think I’m done? I’m just getting warmed up. . . . During the two months that I had service with this disreputable organization, I made a vast number of phone calls when my internet cut off. EVERY TIME, I got the same rote reply, “Our satellite in your region was just repaired, and this will never happen again. We promise you that, sir.” To the upper management of this company, do you realize that if you keep telling a lie while never making any effort to improve your service, you are only digging yourself into a deeper hole? Well, yesterday was the last straw. I had about 5 interruptions of service, and then, guess what??? The piece of shit modem completely shut down. No power, No lights, Nothing. . . Zip.
I quickly called the customer service agent, and the moron asked if he could troubleshoot the equipment. What is there to troubleshoot? There is no power!!!! Then he tells me that I would have to mail back the broken unit myself and pay for the shipping. When I heard this,, I could take no more . . . . I demanded to have my service terminated. After I told him that I was fed up with this corrupt company, and that I wanted to cancel, he hung up on me. I called back two more times, having to repeat my diatribe two more times, only to have the operator switch the line to payment accounts, and subsequently disconnect the call. The fourth time I called, the agent begged and pleaded to have me keep my service and give them one more chance. I told them that I gave them a chance for two months, and that I DEMANDED to be cancelled from this nefarious, incompetent service. As a cherry on top of this fucked up internet service sundae, they told me that I would have to pay $110 as an early cancellation fee.
I am warning all potential customers. . . . . STAY FAR AND CLEAR AWAY FROM CLEAR SERVICE. THEY ARE INCOMPETENT, OVERPRICED AND FAIL TO PROVIDE RELIABLE INTERNET SERVICE. Judging by the unanimous vote of one star reviews this company continues to receive, it is only a matter of time before they will sink into the abyss of oblivion.

Addendum: So, I had to actually pay through Western Union because I do not trust the organization with my credit card number. About 2 weeks later, I still continue to receive harassing phone calls from a collection agency saying that I owe Clear money! I called them, and their representative told me that I had to pay ANOTHER 40 dollars for a restocking fee. Keep in mind that they never mentioned this beforehand when I had to pay the other termination fee. People, we need to unite and sue the pants off this company!

  1. 21 Responses to “FUCK CLEAR INTERNET – User Submission”

  2. By MIKE KELLER on Dec 11, 2011 | Reply

    I agree with you 110% these cock suckers told me the same shit and I pay $50 a month for guaranteed 3MB DL speed at all times and iv only been with them a month and have never seen 3mb yet and 90% of the time its more like 0.14-0.24 not even a 1/4 of a MB i swear to god im bout ready to kill this mother fucker with this bullshit. I don’t know about everyone else that talks on the net but theirs 2 things in my life you don’t fuck with before you ketch a hot slug, #1 my family and #2 my money and these fuckers took my money and now my family cant even use the internet still because of these faggots, mark my word if i ever find out where the owner resides ima kill this bitch ass scandals fuck

  3. By ashely on Dec 21, 2011 | Reply

    the reps at clearwire are rude and not helpful at all and dissrespected me when i called….fuck clear wire!!

  4. By ashely on Dec 21, 2011 | Reply

    did i mention fuck clearwire!

  5. By Mario on Apr 1, 2012 | Reply

    i ordered clear because i am moving soon and dont want to hassle with cable companys til then. i took the higher home speed with the cheaper modem that you have to purchase and the website promoted free shipping not only when i ordered was this not even an option and i had to pay shipping but my first bill with modem purchase in all was said to be 84 something and my email receipt said same thing my bank account says they took 93 something. dont get me started on download speeds its terrible i would be better off at a wifi hotspot with high traffic. it streams ok on xbox most of the time but games are sometimes laggy. this service should be last resort and gamers stay away.

  6. By NavyRet on Apr 8, 2012 | Reply

    Clear not only sucks, they suck shit through a straw. I’ve been paying for service “up to” 10 Mbps for over a year – never once have I gotten anything even close to that. The very best I ever got was 2 Mbps and that was only once for a microsecond. Usually it’s 1.5 Mbps, but hey that was better than the lousy DSL I had before at 175 Kbps. Now, for the last 2 days, I’m throttled at .5 Mbps – an hour to d/l a 195 megabyte file. So I go to the Clear web site and click the chat link. Well, you know what happened then – four different people told me four different things and disconnected my internet four different times in four futile attempts to correct the situation, until I finally said fuck it, I give up. I’m switching to comcast. Clear can kiss my royal american rosy red rectum. GOODBYE Clear.

  7. By blade on Jun 22, 2012 | Reply

    so i have had clear for about 1 year now and all i have to say is fuck this company. we have 2 laptops in our house an Xbox and a ps3 and before we switched to “clear” i was never lagging for games and websites loaded up in 1 second with at@t. now that im with clear im always lagging on my games and it takes about TWO MINUTES TO LOAD UP GOOGLE! now, i have the worlds best router so its not that and supposedly have the best modem series clear has. now I’ve had the modem where its five bars and cycles when i have no internet but now i have this high tech looking one and my internet is still slow as fuck so i called clear and started complaining and the y took me through a whole little “tutorial” thing on my computer and had to restart it like 50 times before she said its your modem. so i got my new one and set it up and everything was good until the next day. i woke up to find my modem off but plugged in so i called again and they said send it back. at this point i have no more patience with this company so i started to complain to this lady and i got cut off i kept calling back and they said to stop calling to complain so i said okay i want to leave your dumbass internet service. so after 200 dollars i finally got rid of clear and now have verizon and am very happy. so for you people who are looking for cheap but good internet service don’t get clear your better off with something like roadruner or even magik jack. P.S. CLEAR SUCKS WHEN ITS RAINING

  8. By Blueridge on Nov 1, 2012 | Reply

    I am on the outskirts of there signal,, I bitched about 1 or 2 lights on my Modem,,, Afte 3 or 4 years its the same bull-shit,, i cant even play a country music song,,, I’am so sick of buffering, bufferring, and now winter is coming and probaly wont get any signal at all, if it was possible i would like to take my shotgun and blow there signal tower down AND CRAM THERE MODEMS UP THERE ASS!, I am sick of there shit and HATE IT! DO NOT BUY CLEARWIRE INTERNET SERVICE PERIOD.! OCTOBER 31ST, 2012

  9. By BrianS on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Clear Internet SUCKS. FUCKING SLOW!
    Can’t believe they are ripping us off with this kind of crappy internet speed shit.

  10. By Inzaneo on Dec 1, 2012 | Reply

    All I want to do right now is bro it up on borderlands but noooooo clear Internet won’t go fast enough for me to play smh waste of money

  11. By Chmedly on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    I’ve had Clear in the Chicago area since they first came to town. It’s not perfect but it’s actually been better than the alternatives. Part of it comes down to understanding the nature of radio waves. Clear’s wimax bands are very high in frequency which are not ideal for the way they are used. But, with specialty antennas I’ve been getting decent internet in a couple locations where other internet options are limited. btw, I get better signal in winter because the trees have lost their leaves.

  12. By Jeff on May 22, 2013 | Reply

    Clear is by far the worst broadband Internet service I have ever had. Never more than two out of five lights on reception. Requires a reboot at least once a day to even work. Service is very slow. Performance seems to change with the weather.?. Not worth $10 a month let alone $50. Don’t waste time or money with Clear Internet service, go with cable if you can afford it . Or at least dsl if available in your area.

  13. By Ronald Hobbs on Aug 24, 2013 | Reply

    This so called internet service is a piece of shit service,, when it rains i get no speeds at all, when its 5:00 o,clock and all the kids, and working people get on it here in Central Calif it slows to a stop, you cant watch any You-tube, games or even send pictures in your e-mail.. and try to download your e-bay pictures you want to put on your e-bay sales list! Dont tell me its my computer,, I have 8 desktops here in my house, and 3 laptops,,,They are nice HP sets. I get so fucking tired of it, it has caused problems with me and my wife also!,, so i will unplug there modem and put a stop on there service as soon as possible….August 24, 2013

  14. By Roshon Lewis Jr on Dec 19, 2013 | Reply

    I Hate This internet So Garbage. Every Single Time I Play C.o.d im lagging its BS internet im 13 yr old kid who cant even play C.o.d with his Friends because im always lagging. Some Help whats a good internet copany btw i just need internet not cable and how much is it going 2 cost Some1 Help and Share Call The I Team Or Some Shit We Can Make a Change 🙂

  15. By Jacob Hemmingway on Feb 16, 2014 | Reply

    I’m paying $50 a month, but their bandwidth throttling is ridiculous. Only between 1-5am can I actually use the internet without having to wait for pages and videos to load.
    And Sprint hasn’t made any improvements either since they’ve bought Clear out. I can understand throttling to a certain degree since some use a lot. But really?.. <1mb is just fucked. And torrents are pretty much impossible to use. Thanks a lot Sprint now I know not to sign up with you when my phone contract runs out. Cokeheads

  16. By Ronald Hobbs on Jul 11, 2014 | Reply


  17. By I Prefer Anonimity on Jul 15, 2014 | Reply

    So after a very complex and irritating amount of time spent opening ports, I can now host in Starcraft Brood War.
    Problem now is I lag way too much to actually play anything without people quitting the game, most of the day anyway.

    I can’t afford the termination fee and there are few competitors that are cheap enough to go through. Granted, anything is better than this. I’d rather go back to a dial-up modem than deal with this shit anymore…

    What can I do to make this better? Anyone? I’m tired of only being able to play after 10pm…. when the player count drops.

  18. By Nolan on Aug 16, 2014 | Reply

    This ISP might just be the worst this nation has ever seen. Not only is it incredibly slow, but the rowder interrupts AT LEAST 5 times a day, everyday. I honestly dont even know why we kept them around for so long. I know their rowders are full of shit because it always gave the same crappy sluggish connection no matter how many bars it had. Streams lag, download time is horrid, and NOTHING can be seen in HD without it buffering every 2.seconds and no, I’m NOT exaggerating. Thats how bad they are. No gamer should ever evenremotely come in contact with clear.

  19. By Mark W Palmer on Aug 30, 2014 | Reply

    Clear is the slowest BS service after Sprint took them over and used up all the bandwidth on their clients.

    Can you spell SUCKASS

  20. By Earl on Nov 7, 2014 | Reply

    We have had “clearwire” now clear for 5 or 6 years. It has in the last year become almost useless. I used to trade in my brokerage account with little latency now it involves too much risk. It is so slow and often no service we are starting to look for an alternative. When it was a small Seattle based Co. we had few complaints now Sprint has control and rumor on the net is they want people to leave it to go to their other service. Fat chance! Sprint was a crooked company from the start. I remember the days of long distance telephone rate wars when their sales people were illegally slamming people into their service without authorization or contracts and the company let it go on. If the management is still the same , they ought to be in jail at the least they had no visible ethics . I would probably cheer if the whole company went down in flames…. I never wanted to have anything to do with them, now I’m paying them by default, for junk service.

  21. By bradley price on Feb 28, 2015 | Reply

    this is the worst service i have ever had to use for anything thier throtling is unreal their refusal to allow me to website is a violation of my rights let alone un american they need to be run out of the country or executed by firing squad at noon on saturday

  22. By Briant Davis on Apr 14, 2015 | Reply

    well fuck clear and their shitty 1mb speeds. I live beside the tower literally 2 minute walk to it. This service is a piece of shit. Cant wait till google fiber this summer so I can tell clear to go fuck themselves. Shitty ass company similar to sprint both shitty companies. Sprint I said fuck you awhile back before you bought clear with your cell phone coverage and well guess what? I get to say fuck you again HAHA. Good luck getting any stupid fucking fee out of me. No phone for half the day cant even call your fucking idiot tech support. Hello this is Abu can you please reset the router?! As if I haven’t done that already.
    Fucking worthless company. This company will go down quicker then a prom dress for sure. Fuck you Sprint and Fuck you Clear.

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