Taking money and were not authorized to take – User Submission by Iris A.

May 2nd, 2011 | by admin |

They took money out of our account that we did not authorized to take out. This had happened before and we were told it would not happen again, but it did! This time it was interfering with other bills. They told us they could not refund our money…..needless to say we are done with them. I can”t have some one decide that they can take money out of my account when they feel the need. This company cares nothing about their customers!!

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  2. By Sam on Jun 7, 2011 | Reply

    Same exact thing happend to me. Made a payment for may instructing on their website it was a one time only payment and then they hit me on June 1 again. That money was for another bill and my bank hit me with NSF charges.

    After a 3 day wait after opening a trouble ticket,I finally got a call from them that went into my voicemail (no way to respond as the person did not leave a call back number ) informing me that for any “refund” ( I just wanted the money they were not authorized to take to be put back in my account) I would have to make ANOTHER payment (what?) and that in no way shape or form would I be receiving credit toward NSF fees.

    I mediately filed an online complaint with the BBBS. I tried to be understanding with them , but they are terrible.

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