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Another Lawsuit Filed Against CLEAR/CLEARWIRE! (January 19th 2011)

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Lawsuit Filed Against Clear/Clearwire over Misleading Consumers

January 19th, 2011 | by admin |

I received a submission today that included a link to a new lawsuit filed today against Clearwire/Clear:

From the article:

Milberg LLP, a firm with a specialty in consumer protection litigation, has filed a class action lawsuit against Clearwire seeking to recover damages on behalf of certain Clearwire customers who were overcharged for a level of Internet service they never received and who, upon seeking to cancel their service, were required to pay a significant termination fee. The complaint alleges that the Washington state-based wireless Internet provider secretly limited its customers’ internet service because it lacked sufficient capacity to provide the promised service.

Read more about the lawsuit and view the legal documents here.

  1. 84 Responses to “Lawsuit Filed Against Clear/Clearwire over Misleading Consumers”

  2. By Dana on Jan 19, 2011 | Reply

    WOOHOO!! About damn time!! Thanks!

  3. By Cynthia McLaughlin on Jan 20, 2011 | Reply

    As a former Clearwire employee that was terminated yesterday for violating my attendance warning that I recieved for going out on Medical Leave of Absence to have surgery to correct a problem that kept happeing on their floor in the Account Services Las Vegas call Center which they approved. they still counted the points against me and hence why I was placed on a final for attendance. I have been battling a long and hard recovery from having a Partial Hysterectomy to cotrol bleeding that wouldn’t stop that also almost cost me my life. Clearwire managers only care about one thing me being at my desk and taking calls instead of my health and well being. I walked up to one of my Managers Nina Rice and showed her I was drenched in blood all the way down my jeans she told me shouldn’t couln’t authorize me to leave and go to the hospital and if I left it would be authorized and I would be subject to a write up this happened to me 3 more times. which by the way i was becoming anemic from the loss of so much blood that weach time i went to the ER they had to admit me to monitor it and try to get it under control. Clearwire told me from HR to go on Short term disabilty to allow me to continue to get paqid while I had my surgery and my recovery time. when November 17th came around for me to return to work mind you I still wasn’t walking around good to the complications I had with not healing well and when I returned I spent a week doing side by sides and then 11/24/2010 i was attacked at a local walmart which had caused me to sustain blunt forced trauma to the abdomen and lower back which that day i was late going to work as I had been in the hospital all night getting treatment. I went to work was told I shouldn’t be there I should go home as I didn’t look well at all I stayed. I missed several more days as a result of my injuries especially since my injuries were mostly where i had just had surgery to remove my uterus. I came back and was handed a Written final for all my time that I was out from my medical LOA and the new injury i had sustained. I was forced t sign or it or resign. I signed it and I commented it wasn’t fare since they approved alot of my time off and now the renig on what they had agreed to especially since Karla Knowlton had me get documentation on how they could accomodate me during my heling process since I had returned too soon. So I did. I was told to use manager Aux whenever I needed to give up and stretchand walk and use the restroom which I have been doing since I was told I could and needed too. Wednesday 1/5/2011 they allowed me to early out since i was having issues with my abdomen over something relating to my surgery. which was authorized and there fore a zero points. so I went home early. Thursday 1/6/2011 came and all was bettr except I had to make several bathroom breaks due to my medical. After I came back from lunch and was on the phones I had been approached by several members of management asking me if i had a grey Hyundai Accent I said Yes they told me at rolled backwards and struck two vehicles. I was told go out there and move my car and exchange info so I got my coworker to take over my call and when he was finished he pout me in Manager aux so no further calls came through while i was outside handling this. Because I was off the phones with the other employees also a victim of my E break failing and causing damages I was accused of call avoidance for not being on the phones instead of handling my car accident issue which I was told by Lashawn Thomas could’ve waited until I got off work at 2:30pm. On Friday morning 1/7/2011 I came to work and placed myself into Manager to go use the restroom as a I was having issues medically trhat was causing me to run to hte restroom and so I did when I came back from the restroom I ws told where was I and why was i In Manager Aux I have to ask permission to go into Manager Aux I again explained what was going on with me and told La Shawn their is a medical on file in Karla’s Office and I was authorized to go into Manager If i needed to due to my medical and which I was told no i cannot as I hae to ask permission and no permissin was given., I went back on the phones to take my calls and LaShawn Thomas went and met with my prior manager Janice Newton and told her that I needed to be fired for call avoidance for the last two days of me using an aux I was approved to be in talk about entrappment. I met with Karla Knowlton after 9:30am which after she went into the meeting with the managers from what seemed to be atleast to me Lynch Mob Justice and they were looking hang me out to dry and they did. They brought me into the office stripped me of my badge told me i was fired and to be on my way. I said fine allow me to get my things and I’ll be on my way that’s when Janice Newton had thrown her arms in front of me to blck the door and tell me to sit down as they would collect my things for me. I told her I have medications out there and my purse and I will be damned if anyone is touching my stuff especially without me being there to witness that all my stuff was given to me and nothing was stolen. Janice again at this point had put her arms out and began to push me so that i would stand back and do what she asked once she put her hands on me for no reason I got really Irrate told her to get her hands off me and to get out of my way or i’d go through her to leave as she can’t keep me from leaving as it is false imprisonment to hold someone against their wills I grabbed the door and swung it open whch the door pushed into Janice who mind you shouldn’t have been blocking tohe dorr in the first place. I walked out the floor packed my stuff told Janice to leave as her presence was escalating an issue and to leave finally Karla showed up told her to leave and she’d handle my packing of my desk. once packed I told Lorrenzo Hammond to me helpful and carry box since that seems to be the only help he seems to be good at since he can’t seem to manage no different than Janice Newton. Then I had Anthony Canale carry my other box and told him the same thing. In nevada when they fire you they have to under the law Issue you final paycheck immediately upon your dismissal they said they don’t have to comply with that law cuz corprate is out of state Washington State. Well i’m the wrong person to make that excuse too since i’m from Washington State and the Law is the same there!! So they lost that battle. They called the cops to have me arrested for Janice being hit by the door she was blocking and the cop said it was a civil matter that I had no milicious intent to harm her when I wanted to leave and she blocked me if anything she could’ve been sited for false imprisonment and and battery. I was told in the end by the officer’s that they have my final check being overnighted as the cops told them that what I was saying about the final paycheck on dismissals was true. As usual Clearwire not only uses unfair business practices on it’s customers but it’s employees too even more so!! I encourage anyone with Clearwire services to boycott this company and cancel services so that Clearwire is sent a direct message that this kind of behavior is not only immoral but will no longer be tolerated!!!!

    Cynthia M.

  4. By Cynthia McLaughlin on Jan 20, 2011 | Reply

    Yes finally a customer who wised up got an attorney and is showing Clearwire that they won’t tollerate this anymore!! More customers need to stand up and follow suit!! From a ex employee of Clearwire hearing about this Lawsuit it makes me really happy to see this company get it’s own medicine especially when they are also guilty of work place harrassment and violence. I continue to educate people against getting services with Clearwire cuz I’d like nothing more to see this company crash and burn after all there doing a pretty good job of that on their own!! HAHAHAH too funny!!

  5. By Chuck on Jan 28, 2011 | Reply

    Got tired of poor service with AT&T DSL I have an 8 year old home and AT&T kept telling me it was my internal wiring. (It was not) So I went to a local clearwire retail store and played with what I now don’t believe could have been a clear wire connection. I was streaming netflix and you tube with no problem. So I called and signed up. Received modem promptly. Hooked it up and the best signal I could get was sometimes two lights. Called for help, was told a clear tower was less than 1/4 mile from my home. I watch cell towers (used to work in wireless communications) so I called clear back and asked for more help, I told the tech of my back ground in wireless he gave me the location of where the clear tower was supposed to be. Got in my car drove to the location, could not find a toer or for that matter any structure (residential area) and I know things like flag poles grain elevators are used as cell sites, but I did my best even went on line and tried to find it. Never found the tower which is why I could probably not get a signal.

    Then the fun began, it took two months to receive a credit I had to dispute the charges on my Mastercard They also would not credit time used for the 7 days I was supposed to be online

  6. By michigan lvl 1 techie on Jan 29, 2011 | Reply

    oh my goodness. i am currently working for clearwire in michigan and ive been reading through so many complaints tonight. i am so sorry that you were put through all of that, seriously. how can people in general be so cruel? to me the things ive heard about this company is very disappointing and as far as being able to really speak on the subject period, im pretty much speechless at the moment. ive been with clear for 3 months now and things seem to be getting worse as far as the customers that call in to my exp on the floor. and i dont blame the customers at all for their experiences with us because i would be hella pissed too if i was being treated the way theyve been treated. all i can do is shake my head in disappointment.

  7. By Rick Rigelspaugh on Feb 2, 2011 | Reply

    I am a remote DBA for a large biotech firm and was constantly abused by clear ‘whatever’ by frequent outages and extremely slow speeds, when I hooked my DirectTV DVDR to clear we could count on being down for all Saturday morning and sometimes Sunday… we quit paying clear and went back to Comcast and they (clear) have not hassled us about their modem or their bill, except for one phone call or email. What gives with their service? Why not join with frontier and put all the garbage in one bucket !!!!!

  8. By Rick Rigelspaugh on Feb 2, 2011 | Reply

    I too was told I had a clear tower 1/4 mile from me, too bad they don’t work, if they really have (activated) towers that close to everyones home Maybe they share towers with frontier, maybe frontier and clear can reintroduce the “tin can telephone” with HD

  9. By Poginius on Feb 5, 2011 | Reply

    Ouch im tech 1 too.

  10. By Cheryl on Feb 19, 2011 | Reply

    I have been a clear customer for over a year. I am now experiencing issues with bandwith speeds. After months of calling and numerous steps in the technical support area (all the common sense stuff), tonight the truth was finally brought out.

    I am being MANAGED. Not because I download, no, but because I stream Netflix and Hulu Plus to my tv. I was then informed that they are “trying” and that they are the only company that provides 4G. I informed him that Time Warner Cable is now offering 4G in my area at cheaper prices for the same package. He responded that TWC uses their towers and their service. I was also informed that when they set this up they intended it to be for wireless users who average 7gb of bandwith a month and that I use 10 times that much. I signed up for a home package, not a wireless one. My towers are over capacity all the time except between 4 and 8 am. They respond to this not by building more towers but by leasing them to TWC. Those customers are currently not being managed, paying less, and I am being managed so that Clear can profit from the lease. I will be canceling the 23rd when my TWC Road Runner 20 mpbs service is installed with no limits and no issues with towers, etc. All at the same price I am currently paying for clear.

    Stay far away!

  11. By Bassman on Feb 21, 2011 | Reply

    Clear lied to me that they provide access to ESPN3. They also lied to me that I will be able to connect my printer to their router.

    They are a bunch of liars. I hate them and I will be disconnecting within my 7 day trial period.

    I am angry at them for wasting my time because I checked if they provided me those services. They have no conscience about customer service.

  12. By Christine on Feb 24, 2011 | Reply

    Wow!…Really? That’s all I can say about this company! (And how very sad too – considering that they’re a newer company! That’s not a good way to start out on your first steps, so to speak!)

    My family and I have been with CLEAR (or rather, UN-CLEAR) for a little over 5 months now – and we are less than happy with our service. (In fact, right at this very moment – we are FUMING, because we have had to call in more than 3 times this month already, over speed issues!…)

    I would say to those experiencing problems with your account/connection – go ahead and file a complaint (or two) with the Better Business Bureau! If Clearwire is not going to provide their customers with the dependable and trustworthy service they so freely and openly advertise on tv and elsewhere – then I’m sorry, but it’s time to shut them down! End of story.

    If there is going to be any more lawsuits involving Clearwire and their customers – I would like to be notified or put on this email list. (How do I go about doing that?)

  13. By Christine on Feb 24, 2011 | Reply

    Oh! Yes, another *SERIOUS* issue that I have with Clearwire…

    Every so often, and for no explainable reason – my VoIP phone service that I have through Clearwire cuts out and leaves the phone dead.

    Why is this such a bad thing for them and why is it so dangerous for their customers? Well, let’s say for instance, one of their customers has a emergency in their home and has to dial 911 to get help….And they pick up their phone, and their phone is dead….What are they suppose to do? (Unhook the device, wait a couple of minutes, and then hook everything a back up again?…Or perhaps, try to jump online – that is – if they’re internet service is also working correctly, and chat with a service representative to get things up and working again?)….

    You think they customer’s going to have the time and patience to do this? Don’t you think that CLEAR is setting themselves up for even BIGGER problems – if they don’t change the way they do things and try to improve their service to their customers?

    Just a thought.

  14. By Rick on Feb 24, 2011 | Reply

    Clear SUKSSSS

  15. By Stosh on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    I wasn’t aware clear even offered had routers.

  16. By Stosh on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    Also… I only signed up for clear because it was supposed to be better then the other wireless broadband service, Cricket mobile. That was at least what I was lead to believe. You see, Cricket was actually honest about their service. It was unlimited just like clear EXCEPT they told you upfront that once you surpassed the monthly limit of 5Gb you would be throttled. So of course because Clearwire didn’t say that ANYWHERE in ANY promotion materials it was an obvious choice. I was put into choosing this service because it was the cheapest way to broadband available. I dont need a landline so DSL is out and I utilize the internet so I don’t need cable/fios to watch the shows I want to see. (IE netflix, hulu) I had been in a money crunch while waiting on a disability claim and now that thats over, so is my relationship with Clear. I’ll pay verizon more for the “same” speeds and actually get them. F Clearwire. I hope I can get in on that class action suit and I would love to see the media tell everyone who has been outright swindled by clear how to join it too.

  17. By david garrett on Mar 4, 2011 | Reply

    Clear called me to solicit my business and offered me a $50 gift card if I signed up. Then when I called to ask where my gift card was, their response was that they employ outside sales agents to sell their service so they aren’t responsible for the gift cards, and I would have to contact the outside sales agent, like I remembered who the hell called me 3 months ago. This happen to anyone else? Email me at . I am thinking about filing a class action lawsuit against them if i find enough people to include.

  18. By SSM on Mar 16, 2011 | Reply

    In reply to “Cheryl’s Post dated Feb 19 2011 at Clearwire Sucks” website——————–
    Cheryl thank you for your post. You have hit the nail on the head! as in “busted” You are so right about Clearwire “Managing” persons bandwith You are not imaging this or making stuff up, my dad and I, we are on your side ,we got your back, its +2 because we are in agreement with you about TWC. If CW has enough “extra” bandwidth to rent tower bandwidth to TWC (all customers know they don’t)first of all why are ALL of CW customers not recieving the bandwidth amount they pay for. CW cannot tell us its just a bad spot or its a small dropout because we are paying as long as we are using the service and we paid for their advertised bandwidth which you wil never get as a CW customer. Do the people with CW accts know that out of the top ten providers in NC CLEARWIRE RATES A 9 OR OFTEN A 10 with 1 vbeing the fastest most reliable service. If you need proof go to SPEEDNET dot COM. Run a free bandwidth speed test to see just how bad your service really is and how bad you are getting ripped off then as it finished a list will pop up with the top 10 service providers.
    Also, I think it will be fun to see how this relationship works out. Time Warner is NOT going to put up with Clearwire breaking their contract by cutting the signal TWC has rights to use. Time Warner is going to teach Clearwire a lesson about contracts and lawsuits don’t you know RW has plenty of experience. No matter the 4G situation and the fact the service just DOES NOT WORK as advertised and usuallly not at all. Even the standard wireless home modem they offer and have been charging cust for years to use. My father has it and there is not a week that goes by that he is not without service entirely or at such a slow crawl he LITERALLY switches over to his free Netzero DIAL UP AXCCOUNT. And by the way, if youo are new ti ciearwire go ahead and get a free 10 hour a month acct set up with either Juno or Netzero (same company) because their dial up service IS FREE and IT REALY WORKS and most important reason is YOURE GONNA NEED IT.I can guarantee you will need it and you will need service at the most critical time and Clearwire is not gonna work. Have your old card modem in your new fastbox and get a phone cord out your phone cord drawer. For potential customers reading this it’s true,YES CLEARWIRE SUCKS AND THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU STOP YOUR COMPLAINING AND PAY YOUR BILL. OR KEEP A LOG of everytime cllearwire is down, add up the time, multiply by 2 and demand your bill receive credit for the time. Do this and they may actually allow you close to the bandwidth you are paying for, but don’t expect it…

  19. By urbhead on Mar 17, 2011 | Reply

    stay far away from clearwire!

  20. By julie on Mar 28, 2011 | Reply

    The subject of CLEAR towers. CLEAR leases service (or not) from Publc Broadcasting Towers. The nearest tower here in Chico, CA also feeds the airport. So it is my belief that CLEAR does not have any towers they jusy grab a signal and you are told that it is a CLEARWIRE, or CLEAR tower.

  21. By Kevin Ramirez! on Apr 8, 2011 | Reply

    Clearwire/Clear is such B.S.
    I get 1 dot out of 10 dots most of the time, if I do get 10 dots, it’s normally when I visit someone with TWC.
    It’s such B.S. that I also get 2-3 bars on my router out of 5 bars. If I do get 5 bars, it’s lying to me and I can’t have fun playing TF2 T_T.

  22. By tntmom mt on Apr 14, 2011 | Reply

    wow this is so true.ABOUT THE EMERNGY COMMENT.OUR PHONE THOSE THE SAME THING IT WILL FIX THEN THE INTERNET WOUNT WORK. GRRRR. i been with them to long and they where not bad at first but now theY got lame EXCUSES and retarded oneS. im looking to change to a real 4g and higher dumb im been managed i will get my speed back in 14 day I DONT CARE IF THEY CANT HANDLE THE DOWNLOAD BULK GIVE ME WHT I PAY FOR.GRRR.IM IN THE UNLIMITED PACKE ND GET 0.98 DOWNLOAD IF IM LUCKY I GET2.33 DOWLOAD,UPLOAD 0.33 SO IRRITATING MY PING 489 WOW REALY THIS LIKE THEM THEY NEVER FIX ANYTHING. then they should not bill ME till they give me the real service THE TELL U ,SOOO ANGRY.

  23. By john on Apr 16, 2011 | Reply

    clear sucks and has since the beginning! I don’t know why I haven’t canceled the service in 2 years (yes, we’ve had it that long, miserable), I guess I’ve been too lazy about canceling. I think this is the week though.

  24. By Charles on Apr 18, 2011 | Reply

    I have had similar bad experiences with them in the past. About 3 years ago I switched back to cable and pay $55.00 p/mo. for 10mps.
    A bit higher price but well worth it for the support, speed and most important – DEPENDABILITY!
    Sorry to hear they have only gotton worse.
    I post this in support for all of you.

  25. By theo on Apr 26, 2011 | Reply

    I’m just about done with these guys.
    Got it in July ’10, and had service as advertised or better (6 – 12 mbps).
    Around September, started having speed issues, told it was the tower, while still having 5 bars and able to physically see the tower a quarter of a mile away.
    December, I know EXACTLY when it’s 12 noon because it will drop from 3 – 4 mbps to 0.7 – 1.0 mbps.
    It’s now April, I rarely see 2 – 3 mbps, usually in the 0.7 to 1.0 range regardless of the time.
    Only reason I haven’t cancelled yet is the AT&T 1.5 dsl I have (the best they can give my building, in Chicago’s north side) is only running about 1.2, so Clear’s 1.0 almost doubles my total bandwidth.
    I hate to say it, but I’m seriously considering Comcast.

  26. By James on Apr 26, 2011 | Reply

    Any class action suit. I’m in. I have been told to move my modem 2 dozen times in the last two years. I now watch a Netflix movie every other night or so and have been managed to the point that the movie has to buffer for 5 minutes repeatledly. I called to have my speed “unmanaged”. I was told to read their legal page which is different from when I signed up several years ago. After reading the clause about “unreasonable usage”! I was told my modem would be reset in 24 hours. Yesterday my speed was so slow that the phone would not work!! If some of the previous posts are accurate, especially about leasing towers to other companies that tax the system
    I think it is time for some legal action. Their advertising is false. I hope more people will complain.

  27. By liq on Apr 26, 2011 | Reply

    well, just got of the phone with a so called”technician”(even i have to admit it looks like Clear switched back from using indian resources since i had now 3 times in a row over the last couple days english speaking natives)…I have since weeks internet like molasses

    What a disgrace this company is….

    Been with them since the beginning here in ATL, had the usual start up problems but gave them a chance since AT&T was worse and they improved, got some good speeds even never the full i pay for….until around 3 months ago when i lost my internet for 6 days, according to them “an update on our tower management software causes problems too sync”…and since then..just look at my speed test screen shot…a lot of outages during peek times(whatever they declare as peek times), max download speeds of 69-71k(on a6MBplan,hello??), daily outages for 20-30 minutes….

    I am capped!!!… and even had a technician admitting it last night when i called in(should have recorded it!), yet today i was giving the run around again because i called in because of “molasses”, we did the usual troubleshooting(heck i am an computer technician ,not a 70 year old novice user and i know what i am doing but still we had to do it)….during it i lost the service(no surprise?)…and got the standard answer”we need to TS the tower, here is your ticket number)…boahhhh, i am sooo over this crap…searching for alternatives right now….i had high hopes for the company since it had potential…but their biz model just failed(just think of how everyone got lured into selling clear, i even once considered it but i smelled the rat…)

    Please whoever sees this, spare yourself the headache and DON’T sign up with them…not worth it….



  28. By liq on Apr 26, 2011 | Reply

    btw,forgot to mention…i am surrounded by 3! towers in a 1 mile radius…yuck!

  29. By Mark on May 2, 2011 | Reply

    I was a clear dealer, but after only a few sales and many complaints, they decided that I was not a good fit and pawned me off to a Master Dealer. This master dealer took my inventory and canceled my contract. Leaving me with $3500.00 in worthless marketing material and $1000.00 in franchise fees. I hope they all go to JAIL!!! They are scumb!

  30. By Anonymous on May 5, 2011 | Reply

    I am an employee for Clear. I work for one of their call centers in Michigan. We were just laid off about a week ago. They told us the desk would be decomissioned on June 30th. I was actually pretty relieved. I enjoy my job. I love technology and i love working with the public but clear sucks!! The network is terrible. They’re drastically oversold on every tower in the marker. And what do you tell the customers?? I give out credit after credit after credit while on calls. There are some markets that have outages every single day. We’ve had market wide (entire US) outages at least 3 times in the 6 months of my employment. They’ve offered employees discounts on services if we wished to join but you couldn’t pay me to join Clear.

    My advise to the customers READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE BEFORE YOU JOIN! everything is stated there and if you dont agree with something or if it sounds funny, thats because it is! Walk away

  31. By Jane on May 12, 2011 | Reply

    So…current Clear employee. I have a family sooo unfortunately can’t afford to just up and quit as I have to provide the means to support them, but my advice. I joined clear last yr. In the time that I have been there, I have experienced not only shadiness, but also laziness in the management team, “training” that you wouldn’t believe, and complete and utter stupidity. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people that are in the same position as me and would do anything to have another job just waiting to be accepted but most of the “management” team are worthless. As far and NIMS….Network Integrity Management System….yes, you are being managed. We are told not to use the word manage at any point but then we are told to tell them about the process….well hello you morons….What does the acronym state?! We are told that it is due to tower congestion and that at those points the cx’s that have heavier usage are put into the system. They have changed our script, removed our script, and then reinserted a new one and so forth…. It’s pretty sad. I had a cx once that was setup on phone service that had an emergency life button that required phone service. Um what is she supposed to do if the phone goes down? And don’t even get me started with the “Level 1 techs” in the Phillipines….I don’t know if it’s them or their trainers but I sincerely apologize for each and every one of you that has had to speak with them. They are supposed to be our front line of support to fix simple problems but when they transfer to Voip dept with an issue where a simple reboot does solve the problem? WOW! Clear does anything and everything it can to cut corners and costs….including trying to find an excuse to close one of its largest call centers…the Milton one. I currently work at that facility and feel for all the employees there. It is not the “peons” that are at fault…were just following orders to be able to have a job that allows us to provide. It is the upper “management” team that is the problem. It disgusts me to know that I work for a company that is so shady immoral and there is so much that I will say at a later day. And for those of you that want to setup service? 1. Call clear reps themselves, indirect dealers are even shadier at time.
    3. And then DON’T DO IT!

  32. By LT on May 12, 2011 | Reply

    Boy do I wish I had found this website before I got into this mess. Just had to spend more $$$ to connect my desk top. Still cannot use my laptop anywhere but in the room with the modem. How do I join the lawsuits?

  33. By Deidre on May 17, 2011 | Reply

    I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH THEM! I WILL WARN ALL MY FRIENDS AGAINST THEIR SERVICE. They are crafty and sneak policies in where they weren’t explained in the beginning. Their 30 day policy only means you wont pay a fee to cancel service. You still have to pay $1.50 for every day you have the box, even if you NEVER EVER USED IT FOR MORE THAN 1 MINUTE!!!!! LIARS AND THIEVES!!!! Sticking to Comcast!

  34. By Mr, Washington on May 19, 2011 | Reply

    WOW!!!! I piggy back on one comment ” Wish I had found this site before getting into this mess”. Clear service is worst than 1998 AOL dealup. OMG!!!
    I’ve had the service for only a month now and it’s been a complete failure. I’ve yet to call customer service yet because I can trouble shoot modems, but I can clearly see there’s no fixing this.
    Now seeing all this complaints and I’ve been on several site and has seen hundreds of write up about this company.. This is unreal.

    I will be calling tech support today, I’m not understanding, if we’re being managed. Why can’t I use my service.
    My wife is off to school and work early in the morning and home late in the evenings.
    I’m off to work by 1pm and don’t get home until 2 or 3am. So there’s very limited internet usage; so why is our service so poor.

    There needs to be more sanctions and guidelines on these new companies. I understand capitalism, but it looks as if this company, if just a down right big Scam!!

  35. By Derek on May 25, 2011 | Reply

    Been with Clear since JAN and regretted since about FEB. Signal strength is fine BUT signal often drops out and I lose phone and internet. Have had to call tech support so many times and I am so tired of their smug “See we fixed your problem!” attitude only for my service to drop out the very next day. Basically I have to unplug power source from my tower, wait a few seconds, and replug. Then the system reboots and all seems to be fine. There are some days when even this doesn’t work and I get multiple dropped service even in one day. Tech support has tried so many phantom fixes like moving the equipment around the house to be closer to the nearest tower or away from strong microwave sources or other bull$#& reasons. I have concluded that their network sucks and they do try to manage bandwidth. My question to you all is has anyone successfully gotten out of their 2yr contract due to poor service performance? I tried but they always says they have the right to troubleshoot the problem.

    How many times is it acceptable to troubleshoot before they have to just throw in the towel?

  36. By i ehat clear on May 31, 2011 | Reply

    I’m feeling as frustrated as everyone above has described. I was misled to believe I would have great service and connection. My connection was throttled and the weekly customer service reps I have dealt have had a smart mouth. The rep I just spoke to clearly said they don’t throttle speeds….after an hour long of looking into my account she tells me my speeds are being “managed” because I am a level 3 user. I had read the terms and conditions of the contract before joining, but unless you know about speeds and are a techie you have no idea what you’re signing up to. Unfortunately for me, I’m learning what Clear is actually doing…the hard way. As soon as their offices open tomorrow, I will be canceling my account. And I will make sure I spread the word!

  37. By bill kotys on Jun 10, 2011 | Reply

    I cancelled clear within the “trial” time limit. Because I could not communicate directly with them my only choice was to dispute the charge with American Express. AMEX credited my account when i explained i’d returned the equipment. That was in January. Today I received notice from a collection agency trying to collect the entire amount of the original charge even though clear had received the equipment. My salesman promised that the speed would be no less than 5mp/sec but it never achieved better than 3mp/sec
    Unacceptable and of course, it was a lie from the start. Do not believe anything clear tells you. do not use it and be sure to record all conversations with clear.

  38. By Tom H on Jun 16, 2011 | Reply

    I am less than ¼ mile from the closest tower and the entire time we have had this “service”, our modem has never had less than 5 green lights. Once or twice we had it fade down to 2-3 lights for 3-5 seconds, but that was it. Our problem is this so-called “unlimited” broadband BS and claims of 4-6 MBPS continuosly is a bold-faced lie and false advertisement. When we first got clear, sure, speeds were 5-8 MBPS. Month or so later, they averaged 2-4. The last 2 months or so (we have had Clear since the first part of February), while running SPEEDTEST.NET , as you will see upon viewing my link, the UPLOAD speeds are far greater than the DOWNLOAD speeds!!! WHAT service does THAT?? Holy crud!!! If anyone is involved with yet another CLASS-ACTION suit, PLEASE contact us at our email!! By the way, they told us why our speed is so slow…LOL The system has you controlled because you have gone over your allocated bandwidth, so they have slowed you down to get under that allotment!! SAY WHAT ???
    NEVER, EVER, EVER again will I ever get CLEAR ‘THE SMEAR YOU’ WIRE !!!!!!!! For now, I’m stuck with them I guess…ughhhhhhh

  39. By James on Jun 20, 2011 | Reply

    After a rep checked my address and told me that Clear had a great signal I purchased the hotspot only to find out that I had no signal at home. When I tried to cancel the plan and send the equipment back I was told numerous times that I would receive the ups labels via my e-mail. Finally after numerous more calls I received the labels via regular mail and sent the equipment back immediately only to be told that it was received after the thirty day grace period and I would receive no reimbursement. I told the rep if that was the case to send my equipment back which I must still own and I would sell it on e-bay as of yet I have not received my equipment.

  40. By simone on Jul 8, 2011 | Reply

    My bad experience with Clear has mostly depended on them relying on fed-ex to deliver their device, but reading all the complaints above I guess I should be relieved about not having even started to use their service. I hope at this point to really get my refund for the 170$ that I payed for the device that I never received. Don’t think I’ll never try to use their service
    again or buy anything from people that rely on fed-ex for delivery. I really don’t understand why fed-ex even exist still.

  41. By Jason on Jul 8, 2011 | Reply

    When i play games at night around 7 P.M It get very laggy and on daily basis my connection speed is at .4MB p/s, We need to put a end to ClearWire, i will not pay $250 for a ETF.

  42. By Ray on Jul 11, 2011 | Reply

    I Was a direct dealer of Clear products in Orange County, CA. A representative explained to me that they were going to launch in the area and were looking for dealers. The idea of a wireless Internet connection that far outreached Wi-Fi was impressive, so a $1000 franchise fee and 3 mandatory “demo” accounts later, I was in. After just a few months later, with customers complaining about both the signal and customer service I tried to contact my original Area Rep. With no luck. I had about 4 different Reps. in that time, the last of which told me that they were re-distributing me to a “Master Dealer”, basically adding a middle man, for no reason. They took our inventory and that was that. We never got any of what was promised. The advertising, the commercials, the exclusivity, not even the one mile radius between stores. I guess I was hoping that they treated their customers better that they did me. Apparently I was wrong. It’s sad that a company who depends on their customers so much would treat them like this.

  43. By Sam on Jul 13, 2011 | Reply

    Whatever Ray is saying 100% percent true. They dont care about their Customers, Dealers and even their employees

    Here is my expierence

    Sales Rep – In five months they changed 4 Sales rep and last time around they fired their entire staff (by sending them email) and now there is one person representing the entire Baltimore/Washington DC region

    exclusivity – When they launched in Washington DC we initially did OK ( 8 to 9 activation per month, compared to other carriers that is very low). Clear thought if one store does OK if we open 10 stores within 3 blocks than we can sell 100 devices a months (stupidity is the key to Clearwire). With 3 months the grocery store, dollar store and Hair Salon were selling Clearwire. All the money and effort I had put in to advertising clear went down the drain. I stopped selling clear due to excessive customer complaints and dissatisfaction. All the other stores they ripped off $1000 franchise fee and all of them also realized their mistake and stopped selling Clear. Now they have 0 retail outlets with three mile radius.

    Clear operates like a AMWAY/MLM They are more interested in signing up dealers so they can ripoff $1000 franchise fee

    advertising – that is false and misrepresentation.

    Commission – They will never provide you with details of payment. You need to fight for every penny as they will rip you off each and every time and still not pay you if you provide them with details

    My Revenge – Call each and every of my customer, switched them to another carrier. I am waiting for a good class action lawsuit to be initiated against this company so they can finally go bankrupt

    My Advice

    Dealers -Save your $1000 franchise fee and dont make the mistakes we made

    Customers – Flase and depeptive advertising Dont fall for it. 3G connection will work much better and reliable than clear. And they will find a way to rip you off. They have your credit card number

    Employees – Look for a job in an honest company. They will make you lie and cheat to sign up dealers and you will have to quit as everything you promise when signing up delaer is false and you will not be able to face them. If you don’t quit they will fire you by sending a form email OR they will go bankrupt before the year end

  44. By Frank the Tank on Jul 14, 2011 | Reply

    Call your banks and cancel your credit/debit card associated with your Clear account, let the time expire and when them come trying to collect or bill you for their service, give them the run around as they did us. LETS CHOKE THE WHOLE FUCKING CLEAR SCHEME RIGHT DOWN THEIR THROATS!!!

  45. By john dealer on Jul 22, 2011 | Reply

    I used to be a former Clear dealer & customer. After being lied to and, perhaps purposely, misinformed so many times, it was worth paying the ETA to save the daily frustration of such horrible service.

    I initially got the service to demo to customers and also do a little business when I’m out-n-about. My own service with Clear went from great (5mbps average in the San Francisco market) when they started out in my market, to absolutely abysmal after only 4 months in (512kbps average and constant drops even with full signal). You can imagine how hard it is to demo a unit to prospective customers when “SUPER FAST 4G” can’t even compete with regular 3G. I myself feel I got the bait and switch: sell me super fast 4G long enough to get pass the 30day return period but throttle me down for the rest of the contract. They oversold the service in my area and they don’t care anything about customer experience. The can’t even maintain the minimum level of service advertised but gladly collect the ETF without exception or hesitation. I don’t see this changing anytime soon as Clear has no money to improve the situation without selling spectrum which would further degrade, if that’s even possible, the service.

    I should have really seen the signs sooner: rising prices with degrading service, stiffer contract terms, high ETAs for internet service, asking customers to invest in overpriced equipment (whether for leasing or purchase) on unproven service, Clear employee churn rates, etc. After experiencing Clear service first hand as a dealers and as a customer, all I have to say is: STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! There are much better providers out there.

  46. By John Kim on Jul 29, 2011 | Reply

    I’ve had CLEAR for a few years now, and it’s all been fine and dandy before the download speed dropped from 800 kb/s (you know, which is pretty slow anyways) to 50 kb/s. Is this a joke? Im serious, CLEAR is a mega rip-off..

  47. By WALTER N. on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply


  48. By john doe on Aug 11, 2011 | Reply

    its funny seeing even the employees blowing up clearwires spot. more power to those able to pay their bills because of their job there, but that company is so ridiculous. its almost like a joke that it still exist. like its a parody of real businesses, just seeing how long they can troll people with shitty management, shady contracts by pressured sales men because unless they changed that, theyre all about paperless shenanigans, stupid random day parties that are loud, distracting, and unprofessional (loud enough that customers would complain in my ear and when i said something to management, its we’re celbrating our success, join in. idiots).

    yes, when your calling in to handle some real issues with your contract, there might be people off the phones playing wii. id rather never play wii at work, but have better management, better ways of handling customers accounts and or escalations,ect.. but yaaay, we can play wii and interrupt our fellow employees on the phone.

    i mean, everyone has issues with companies sometimes, but clear is just embarrassing. if you could only see internally how its run for like 15 minutes, they would be out of business in a year tops. ha! that vegas story sounds crazy, and about right, but i wont say anything more. hi, tim. fuck you buddy 🙂

  49. By JJ on Aug 12, 2011 | Reply

    The WORST SERVICE period. The sales rep stated that my home address was in their 4g coverage map but failed to mention I was at the very edge. My donwload speed was comparable to dialup. I canceled after 3 days. After being on hold for 40 minutes and transferred twice, I was finally able to cancel the service. Of course, they tried to coerce me into stay by lowering the monthly rate and offering other incentives. I am now waiting on the return label but haven’t received the email after two followup calls. A complete rip off.

  50. By Angie on Aug 18, 2011 | Reply

    I have been a clear wire customer since June 2010. Things seemed fine until about 3 mos ago.
    The modem kept giving me errors and could not get connected. Calling Clear is probably the worst experience yet! The hold time is over 20 -30 minutes. They are no help at all! I have asked for a replacement modem several times and yet, they don’t seem to want to do that. I pay $60 a mo for 3G service and when I pusrchased the clear wire service, was told that 4G was available. Not in my zip code it’s not,but yet I pay for 4G service. I also get emails that say I have gone over me MB limits and call and am told I haven’t/ very unhappy with Clear and when something better comes along my way, I will be cancelling. They have me right now, because of the location I am in. This is all I have!

  51. By Pissed off Clearwire Customer on Sep 8, 2011 | Reply

    If what you are saying is true, and I am assuming it is based on my experiences with “Muddywire”, you have listed at least a few ADA violations regarding “reasonable accommodation” and probably others. I am not an attorney so I can’t give legal advice, but there are a lot of attorneys out there that will sue on your behalf and only collect any money if you win. All you really need are medical records indicating your er visits, etc and have the attorney subpoena your employment record. With that and your testimony it should be no problem winning that case. If they doctor or “can’t find” your employment records, that’s not a problem because the judge or jury is not going to rely on that as much as the medical records and testimony of you and if you can get a witness to what was going on. You can have your attorney subpoena them as well if need be. Even someone who doesn’t want to help you can be compelled with jail time to testify at your trial. Good luck. The more they get sued the better!

  52. By Philip R Dillow on Sep 9, 2011 | Reply

    I myself have been with clearwire (clear) since May of 2010. Twice now I have been without reliable internet for nearly a month. The first time was earlier this year. At that time they gave me a refurbished box in place of my brand new one. I figure that was because the box I had was faulty. The only reason they even exchanged it was because I fussed about already doing all of thier scripted troubleshooting.That was thier only solution.
    Well it worked until the end of August. And after spending nearly 11 hours over the course of a week I am no closer to a resolution. Thier troubleshooting is the same “unplug this, move it here, turn it there…blah blah blah….” When all of these didn’t work they sent my call to a “level two tech” that became (surprise again) another scripted troubleshoot.This time they told me things from “it is a virus, or maybe it is just your computer to maybe your ethernet cord was polarised” Now the problem with thier answers was that I have three computers not networked all running different os’s and I tried new cables already and I have a very good antivirus. Not to mention everything in between they tried to tell me it was. Finally after nearly approaching about 12hours of call time spaced throughout the week, they tell me that I am abusing the internet and according to “Fair usage rule” the company running the tower is limiting my bandwidth. So three weeks later I am still running at .07 mbps dl speed and .18 mbps upload speed. I pay for 2.5 mbps dl speed and unlimited data transfer. If I am paying for 2.5 and am only getting .07 how can I possibly be abusing the internet? I mean thier modem only allows 2.5 mbps. So after the entire three weeks I have almost no service and they have tried to charge me again for internet. So this was the kicker…By thier own admission, they do not expect people to use the internet to thier fullest so they expect that some people will not even get on very often But that they sell bandwidth accourding to the amount of people based off of this number. This means that they intentionally “overbook” a tower knowing that they are unable to provide the full bandwidth to every customer….. Thought you should hear my story, and I want you to know this IS the condensed version and alot more transpired during those twelve hours and if you need more, I will tell you….

  53. By Stevo on Sep 16, 2011 | Reply

    I have had Clear service since 2006/2007 and up until now I have had great service. I have recommending Clear to several of my friends because of the great service I was receiving. Right around the beginning of this year is when I notice the droppage in internet speed and so on. I thought it was because of the many device that are attached through wifi connection: cell phones, Wii, laptops, and PC w/gamimg. I know sometimes with many devices connected at once, can slow up bandwith speed, but all too often it has gotten ridiculously slow and make it all to difficult for me to cover even the basic web browsing. 2G and dail-up seems to be faster than what I have now – After hearing and seeing all these complaints, I will consider changing providers. There are great ones availble in my area, however, compare to Clear, the price is to pricey!!! I will sacrifice that to have a better speed unless Clear decides to fix this issue. I have been a loyal customer and love Clear, however, this thing has to stop!!! Give us what we sign-up for!! Give us what you promised!!! Give use the speed.

    Thank you,


  54. By Bob on Sep 16, 2011 | Reply

    Simply put, Clear is the WORST company I have ever dealt with in my life. These folks make the utility providers look like customer service experts. I have never dealt with a more unorganized company that CLEARLY does not care about their customers. A few items to note if you are thinking of moving to clear:
    1. Clear stores are not real stores, they don’t carry much inventory and you will not be able to return your product to a store.
    2. Clear technical support is completely incompetent. I purchase 3 devices at a store, however they could never figure out how to activate 2 of the 3 devices. I must have spend 20+ hours trying to get the devices to work, but no luck, their folks CLEARLY don’t understand their own systems and processes.
    3. Good luck if you ever want to return a device or deactivate service. I have collectively spent over 80 hours trying to return my devices and get a refund. The only customer service folks have been ourtsourced to the Philippines, where they have no real understanding of how to return a device or issue a refund.
    I purchased Clear because I was frustrated with Comcast, now I realize Comcast is a dream in comparison. They are worst run organization I have ever dealt with in my life. DON’T EVEN CONCIDER MAKING THE SWITCH.

  55. By Brian G on Sep 19, 2011 | Reply

    All I know is I pay $45.00 a month for equipment rental and medium internet speed (6.0 Mbps). I run speed tests all the time and average 0.6 Mbps. That’s just 10% of what I pay for! Tech support is outsourced to the Phillipines and whenever they can’t resolve my issue they tell me to turn it off and not use it for a while. One guy even told me to stop downloading and using the internet for a week just to get rid of me! A WEEK!

  56. By ex-cmt on Oct 7, 2011 | Reply

    As a former member of the Case Management team for clearwire, I can tell you that they lied to us time and time again, especially with regards to the Teletech takeover. It seems that this Craig Reinnes who was in charge of care was also a board member of Teletech. If that isn’t collusion, I dont know what is. I chose to apply to the case management team because it was promised to be a path to advancement. It turns out that they then promoted to manager someone who had never been a member of CMT, but whose entire claim to fame was that she did nice thgings for the spirit team. They even tried to dispute my unemployment after I left teletech due to excessive absences. I was overjoyed when they told the silly HR bitch that teletech had no claim on this and that I was due myt clearwire benefits. I pity each and every customer, and I urge all of you to drop clearwire like a wet noodle and to move to a local cable, dsl or even satellite provider for yoiur internet, your speeds will be faster

  57. By Jacqui B on Nov 4, 2011 | Reply

    I have had clear since July 2010. There was no other internet providers in my area other than comcast. That was extremely slow too and kept raising the prices. For the first few days, Clear was great. We had magic jack also. Worked great. then it went out all together for 2 WEEKS! no service. They charged me anyway. I called to complain and they said they were working on the towers. Being new to Clear, I agreed and kept it. I am also less than a mile from the tower. I can see the top of it from my bedroom window.
    After that, it was progressively getting worse and worse. My speeds average below 1 download and most of the time doesnt even register for upload speeds ( .02-.03mbsp)Ping 79. thats the norm from When I compare it for fun, my line is NOT even on the chart. haha
    I was able to use my laptop via wifi pretty good. I have complained over and over and it seems that the more I complain, the worse the service gets. My husband told me not to call anymore cause I swear that every time, they make it WORSE AND WORSE for us.
    About May of this year, all my computers are lagging. I have done all i can to keep my pc’s clean of spyware/misc crap. I have NEVER had this much issues. I have to reset my modem/router about 9-10 times a day for the last few months.
    I called and said I didnt want clear anymore and cancel my acct. They informed me that I signed a 2yr contract. I know for a fact that I would never agree to 2 yrs. Comcast tried offering me a free IPOD for a 2 yr contract and I turned that down at the same time. WTH!!!
    My 2 yrs is up in the summer of ’12. I cant play a simple zynga game, youtube, netflix, or anything else. I cant even log into Facebook most of the time. It lags so much, i have to keep refreshing my pages. I switched from IE to Firefox to Google chrome. It makes no difference. My magic jack is gone now cause I never heard anything when people call. Xbox is coming this month. (Oh boy, help us LOL)
    I want Clear to pay me back for the money I paid into. I hope they get shut down for good. Nobody needs to be suckered into this fraud of a company. I will do whatever it takes to rid these people of scamming me.

  58. By Ed B. on Nov 16, 2011 | Reply

    ive had clear for about 6 months and now they tell me the towers are conjested . these company suckkks STAY AWAY

  59. By elizabet on Dec 1, 2011 | Reply

    @charlie. I too. went back to cable. because clear service suck. now they are calling my mobile phone like crazy. I do not care cuz it not my house phone. Im here for all of your support. I hope clear shut down..

  60. By dana trahan on Dec 9, 2011 | Reply

    I tried clear internet and what a nightmare this has been when I cancelled the service they didn’t inform me there would be a 150.00 termination fee and they have charged this I am now over 200.00 indebt to clear and I have cancelled my service since November 3,2011 and its now dec. 9 and im still getting charged and cannot get anyone who will help me. This is totally wrong what they are doing and I can’t speak to anyone in that can help me I regret trying this company. I don’t understand how these people can charge a cancel of contract fee if i never verbally agreed to any length of service nor did i sign anything.

  61. By Kate Davis on Dec 16, 2011 | Reply

    I’m experiencing the same game from clear “techs” in the Philippines, including the game played by “level 2” techs.

    I called to cance my unusable Clear service, and I was transferred to the level. 2 tech, who ran me through the same crap as two previous techs and it still does not work.

    Then the level. 2 techclaimed that my Clear software was outdated. What??? Overnight my Clear software was outdated? Then the tech said I need to buy new software for $15, which I refused to authorize from my credit card on file.

    So, Clear stole my monthly service fee from my credit card and the stopped providing the service AND NOW WANTS TO SYEAL MORE MONEY FROM MY CREDIT CARD FOR NEW SOFTWARE!!!


  62. By Hayward on Jan 10, 2012 | Reply

    Clear is a true rip off. Their speed is slow, they add credit cards on file that are suppose to be used for a one time payment and if you add another box they create another two year contract without you knowing and have the nerve to charge you a huge cancellation fee.

  63. By Radiah Hill on Jan 11, 2012 | Reply

    clearwire is a bunch of crooks!!!! I had their service for 8 months. After the second week when I told them that the signal was low and the modem kept loosing the signal they informed me that I could NOT cancell my account with them because I had a 2 year contract. They told me to call the 1888-888-3113 number and speak to tecnical support, the technical support informed me that I had no signal in my area and we had a black out on service for the past few days. He also told me that I would have to speak to the billing department to discontinue my service. I do so but every month they would take 109.00 from my credit card for the service. When I brought it to their attention they said “well you have some service still” HOW!!! my account was closed!!! well as it stands I cancelled my credit card and they refuse to give me a refund for the monies that I lost 872.00 in total. IM VERY UPSET but its nothing being done on their behalf to return my money so I called a lawyer, and the money will be returned and I”m also sueing for mental distress

  64. By German Chavez on Jan 18, 2012 | Reply


    When I ordered Clear Home Internet and on the go Internet via customer service we were abused and deceived by the Clear web site and customer service

    We were told that our address is “serviceable” at the time we placed the ordered via customer service.

    At the time we installed the modem clear customer service and or tech support could not activate our account. There was a problem with the activation. We waited and checked our connection. I restarted your computer and checked the connection. Moreover, we contacted CLEAR customer support at 888-888-3113.

    We were told serviceability and signal strength may be subject to environmental conditions plus, according to customer support one of the clear towers was down and we should wait. Also, we should install the modem near a window. We did so and still we could not connect and or activate service to the Internet.

    I gave Clear the benefit of doubt and we waited for Clear to correct this tower issue.

    Time has passed and because of no service we had no choice but to cancel Clear home Internet and on the go Internet. Simply we were in a non-serviceable area and we could not get our Internet services to work or activated. The cancellation of service within the first 15 days does not apply in this case. We strongly believe we are eligible for a full refund because we did not or could not activate Clear home Internet and on the go Internet at the above mentioned address from day one.

    In addition, I placed the order because my son is an ACN representative and is an authorized reseller for Clear. He was lied to as well.

    We feel ripped off because of Clear web site and customer support had the know how and sold us Internet services in a non-serviceable area. This is ABUSE. Moreover, they denied our request for a full refund and now we will proceed with legal action.

  65. By Akasha on Jan 21, 2012 | Reply

    I called an attonery in Atlanta regarding Clear, but they were to lazy to take the case. I am glad to see that this law firm took the case for the every same thing.

    Clear charged my card after I removed it. The speed sucks.

  66. By Martin Feveyear on Jan 22, 2012 | Reply

    I’ve been with Clear for 4 years now (since it started as Clearwire) and the service and bandwidth has been getting poorer and poorer. We live less than 1/4 mile from their tower but consistently have no signal what so-ever. With an average rate of 700kbs (that’s if we have any service at all) and at best 1.5 mbs it now impossible to anything except the most basic emailing. 6 months ago I started paying extra for more bandwidth and for half a day after their “activation” it went up to 7mbs before dropping back down to the previous rate. This shows that they can supply it if the want to but really have insufficient power and bandwidth to supply the advertised specs constantly to their customers. The awfully, over-polite, drawn out tech support offers only one failed solution and every time I tried to cancel I got put through (after ages on the phone) to account services where the quality of their phone line was so poor a conversation could not be had. I’m moving to Comcast – constant 20-25mbs for not much more money. How do I join this class action suit???

  67. By Indipendance on Jan 23, 2012 | Reply

    I just filed against them in small claims court. They never responded so I won. Anyone know who they bank with so that I make sure I get my money without having to turn my claim over to collection companies that will take half of it??

  68. By Trina B on Mar 13, 2012 | Reply

    I signed up with clear and it was the worst mistake of my life. My experience with them is they kept tampering with my service….If you do not pay on the due date, they then turn your service off and when you call they play dumb and turn it back on….then you get the idoit reps that are rude as as hell.I had enough and canceled the service and now they are calling me like a bill collector telling me that I still owe for the service that I no longer have. Stay away from this rip off company

  69. By adam on Mar 31, 2012 | Reply

    CLEAR wireless is a real scam. The do anything and everything to get customer in and then charge them for the poor service. Their customer service both technical and billing are total useless – they can not resolve any issues. Such a pain. They would never issue credit for wrongful charges. They will never let you to cancel the service and play all dirty tricks to keep you in like keeping your account as inactive for 6 months etc and then suddenly activate and start charging the customer with activation fees and monthly charges without the customers knowledge.

    You’ll need to waith atleast 30 mins to reach billing department and then they’l not resolve the issue immediately. They’ll say they have created a ticket and someone will contact you. What the hell? You’ll not receive any calls from them and issue would never be resolved. Make several calls for weeks and months, still they wouldn’t resolve the issue. Such a pain. These guys think customers are idiots and they play with them anyway they like.

    Their service is absolutely terrible. Technical support guys do not know what they are doing. They keep asking you to reboot the system several times without understanding that’s the real issue.

    What a pain? what a pain? Their devices get too hot and I got a burn in my hand. I called them up and they never resolved the issue. To get a new device, you’ll have to pay additional fees and shipping charges. What a scam? I would never ever use CLEAR even if they provide free service. Such a pain..pain…pain…pain…

  70. By craig on May 21, 2012 | Reply

    I am a paralegal and also have clearwire as my ISP. i am totally disappointed with the service, as well as the very poor customer service and tech support. i will be contacting a lawyer to start a class action lawsuit against clear. ANYONE WHO HAS POSTED ON THIS SITE AS WELL AS OTHER SITES I WANT YOU TO CONTACT ME AT CLARKECRAIG@GMAIL.COM. please give me your information so a lawyer, (not me) can contact you to gather evidence such as what you experienced and your inconvenience that you experienced. he will ask you for that, not me. the more people we get the stronger the case. Please do your best to get the word out. i will be posting follow up messages with the lawyers information so if you feel more comfortable you may contact him/her directly.
    lets get rid of clear.

    Thank You

  71. By B.B. on Aug 10, 2012 | Reply

    I used to be a Clear user back in February 2012, but my mom was getting a new, and a better, internet provider. So, I called up to Clear to cancel my account; I had insisted on cancelling my account. The Clear representative had told me about the hibernation mode, but I had insisted on cancelling my service with Clear. Then, the Clear representative told me that my service was cancelled. I said “okay, thanks,” and I was about to hang up but I didn’t because I had remembered that there was a termination fee, presented to me when I had opened Clear internet service in-store. I asked the Clear representative, and she said that there are no charges. I hung up the phone smiling. A couple of days later, I had a $32.23 charge on my debit card. However, I just let it slide because I thought that it was the termination fee, and I felt bad that they had lost a customer – me.
    Six months later, Clear sent me a message saying that they didn’t receive my payment for the month of August 2012. I just ignored the message because I had terminated my service already. Then, they started calling my home phone number. I just ignored the calls like I had ignored the email, but Clear kept calling and my mom was annoyed. So, I decided to call Clear back, asking them why they kept calling me when I had cancelled my service already. The representative told me that I had never cancelled my service, and it was just put on hibernation. I was thinking “Hibernation? I had cancelled my account.” The representative then claimed that I was wrong, and that I had put my account on hibernation, which I am positive that I did not. Then, the Clear representative was trying to scare me by saying, “I have records of your last contact with another Clear representative,” and she started reading it to me. I was denying that I had put it in hibernation mode, and then she told me that I should be careful with what I’m saying because we’re being recorded, which reminded me that my last contact with a Clear representative had to be recorded too. So, I had persistently told the Clear representative that I was right and that the earlier Clear representative was wrong; I didn’t say this to the Clear representative to whom I was talking to, but I was thinking that the Clear representative from my first contact could’ve typed the opposite of what we had really said in the recording. So, I told the Clear representative, that I was talking to, to replay the recording from my previous contact, which was back in February 2012. She didn’t and she kept on insisting that I was wrong. I was so mad, and I’m hot-tempered, so I just told her that I wanted to pay whatever I was being charged for so that Clear would leave me alone. I paid $102.22 right on the spot with my new debit card. Then, I took my transaction book to write the transaction down. I was then curious of what I had wrote down before for the $32.23 charge for “cancelling” the Clear service. I had written down “Clear Termination Fee.” So, I asked the Clear representative, that I was talking to, why I had been charged $32.23 in February 2012. She said that it was a hibernation fee for the months that my account had been inactive. I said, “What? Hibernation?” The representative said, “Yes. You’re account was placed on hibernation and the $32.23 is actually $36” and something cents; I didn’t pay attention to the cents part because I was mad and I just wanted to get the payment over with. But, I am very confident that it was a $32.23 charge because I check my account balance online EVERY week. The representative then asked me if I had anymore questions, and I insisted one last time that I was right and the February 2012 Clear representative was wrong. The then Clear representative told me, “Okay, I see that there were some confusion regarding your account.” I said, “There were no confusions.” The representative said, “Okay, if you’d like, we, as in Clear, could delete your phone number and account information from our databases to prevent us, Clear, from contacting you.” I said, “Okay,” and I hung up afterwards, having finished my “payment.” I was really mad. Clear had charged me for something that I didn’t do (put my account on hibernation), and then they’re going to charge me an extra $9.72 for the August 2012 payment, which I did not use at all! I swear, if Clear doesn’t go bankrupt before I become a major businessperson, I WILL, myself, make Clear go bankrupt. I don’t care about anything, I WILL get my revenge. I WILL let Clear crumble down to the floor. Clear is the worse internet provider EVER, and I will tell all of my family and friends to NEVER use Clear EVER! I may not be a major businessperson now, but I could still make Clear lose its customers. All in all, the Clear internet service provider should watch their back, because I’ll make them go bankrupt one day, in one way or another.

  72. By Craig Moskalik on Oct 5, 2012 | Reply

    I cancelled my clear wireless account months ago. My service quit working in my apartment, and in the past, worked in the same room for a year. When I called their support line, they told me I was in a blind spot, and that is why I was not getting service. When I explained that it recently stopped working, they told me that “it just didn’t make any sense”. I asked if it might be my modem, and they said their systems were showing it was working. I cancelled two weeks later after it wouldn’t come on. They explained to me that it was a $40 fee for cancelling. They also offered a new modem at that time because they said their systems were showing mine was not working. Fishy right?

    Today I received two emails from clear wire with the subject lines, “We couldn’t process your payment” and “are you missing 4G internet”. I think it is pathetic that a well known company would resort to sending emails out about pending payments to try and get you on the phone with a salesmen.

  73. By clarence thomas on Oct 6, 2012 | Reply

    the sevice was always bad, and when i tryed to swicth to another company, the wanted to charge me close to $150.00 for early terminattion. How do i file for the lawsuit?

  74. By Art Lisserman on Oct 18, 2012 | Reply

    I had a great experience with cancelling with Clear. Don’t get me wrong their service is horrible. Always disconnects, in my supposed coverage 4G area. And every time I call they say that their towers are overloaded. one tech support woman told me, not to view videos, or high bandwidth tasks during peak times of 12-4 pm. So I have to change my browsing habits? Why because their service is slow. No! This is funny actually. I did not sign up for internet to not be able to use it fully. Haha, so build more towers. Why oversell Clear modems to customers just to make more money and provide sub par internet speeds. It got so bad in the last 2 month my speeds sluggish, I couldn’t even watch Youtube without it getting stuck at low quality. I do have admit that when I called in to cancel I was angry and wanted to get it over with. The customer agent was helpful, and when he tried to get me not to cancel, I forcefully told him that I had already signed up for Comcast and to just cancel me out. Here is a tip for anyone trying to cancel Clear and to get a refund while doing it. Every time you have connection issues, make sure to call Clear and let them know. So they can notate it on your account. Back to my story. He tried a couple more times to get me to change my mind, but I angrily told him that I was done with their bad service, and slow speeds, and the disconnects. So then he cancelled my account. I asked for a confirmation number, and a return label to send back my modem. I made sure that I got the termination fee waived, for bad service. It is something the original sales person who sold me Clear said, “if your service is bad, they will waive the termination fee”, he said. So I told the customer agent that I am not paying any termination fee, so he waived it just like that. That is the least they could have done. Then I told him to refund me for their terrible connection and service. Saying that I had been calling in when my connection speeds were very slow or I was getting disconnected for hours on end. And I told him I should not have to pay for that kind of bad service. He said he would look into it. Then I insisted. And he came back saying he could refund me 30 days. I ended up getting 60 days of paid service refunded. Hah! I am getting a refund for 2 month of shitty service. That made me pretty happy. In a less angry voice. I told him he was a good customer service agent and I appreciated his help. I am glad I am done with this company, and I would not recommend it to anyone unless they upgrade their towers to 4G LTE. Right now Clear has Wimax and they have too many people that use their towers, meaning the bandwidth that you get is shared, not to mention this is an outdated technology. Even cell phone users have 4GLTE now, and Clear still selling Wimax. Its not 4G they should call it dial up. They should call it AOL. Hope you guys can learn something from this. Be tough and make sure you call every time you have bad service. Get your point across in a clear way. People need to learn that customers will not stand for shitty service. If nobody complains about bad service they will continue to keep charging you for it. And no-one should have to pay for slow connection speeds.

  75. By gary on Nov 3, 2012 | Reply

    o geez i’m canceling service monday after my new internet provider hooks up their service . .now i’m scared . ! i will definitely have the bank reject their payments . sounds like that may not be enough… will let you know what happens.. yikes!

  76. By Andrew Kratz on Dec 12, 2012 | Reply

    They don’t. I think he was talking about the wireless box. Technically that might be able to be used as a router as it does assign IP addresses to any of its connected devices, though. It’s really a modem, but more accurately a modem and wireless router in one.

  77. By Sydney Provance on Dec 15, 2012 | Reply

    Clear was the first internet provider I had in the summer of 2011. I found their website and called to become a customer, wanting the cheapest package they offered. They promised me all these new customer discounts and the nicest thing they offered was no contract. First couple months would be half price and I could get a discounted rate when I purchased the router so I would not pay a monthly fee to lease the equipment. I got set up and everything was fine until they took money out of my account. Much more was taken out than I was originally told. I called to ask about it and no one could tell me anything so they sent me to several different people. They finally transferred me to a lady who could answer my questions. She told me they do not offer new customer discounts and I was not signed up for their cheapest package. Also, the router they sent me was the most expensive router they have and I would not be able to receive a discount to purchase it. I told the lady I feel like I was lied to and want was promised to me. I could not afford what I was signed up for. She could not give me any of the discounts because I signed up for Clear through a different company they hire to get new customers. I did not sign up for Clear through Clear. She told me she could switch me to the cheaper package but that was all she could do. I then told her I wanted to cancel. Once I said the word cancel she told me she would ask her boss if she could do something. After several minutes on hold she comes back saying the first couple months would be around $12 and it will slowly go up to the cost of the cheapest package being $32. Also, they would not charge me for those months that would cost me $12 as a way of crediting my account for the extra money they took out before. That seemed like a really good price for internet I was enjoying so I said I would take that offer. Four months go by and $50 was taken out of my account from Clear. I called again to ask why. The lady told me my discounted months had expired and I was not paying the regular price. I then told her I was signed up for the cheapest package and should not be paying $50. She asked what I thought the cheapest package was and so I told her $32. The lady tells me they got rid of that package last month. No one notified me that the package I was signed up for was terminated. Right then and there I told the lady I wanted to cancel. She asked why and I said I could not afford $50 a month. She then tells me about all of these discounts she can give me to stay with them. I refused all offered and said I wanted to cancel. She said that is fine and then informed me of a $79 cancellation fee. I asked why there was a cancellation fee and she told me it was because I signed a two year contract. I told her I was told when I signed up there was no contracts with Clear. She said no that was false and that I went to their website and agreed to their terms and regulations. I remembered selected a check box that said I agreed to their terms and regulations. I am the kind of person that skims over the long terms and regulations before I sign. I did not see anywhere discussing a contract. With accepting these terms and regulations online the way I did, I did not get a copy to refer back to. I told the lady I would do whatever it took to get rid of Clear. I was informed within two weeks my connection would be canceled and the cancellation fee would be taken out of my account. I still paid $50 for the two weeks I had internet connection with Clear. It was disconnected and a cancellation fee was taken out but it was less than I was told it would be. The entire time I had Clear I was being lied to.

  78. By Kellie on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    I have called customer service several times, and every time I’ve called I got a representative that hardley speaks english, and I’m constantly having to repeat myself over and over for the person to understand why I’m calling and how they can help me. I talked with someone today and there was so much noise in the back round that we couldnt hear each other. When she finally told them to quiet down she came back on the phone with an attitude as if I was annoying her, so I told her that this was rediculous and they are very unprofessional and bad for business, they should really get it together over there, I told her I was very fustrated and that I would call back at a later time and politely hung up. Clear internet service is the worst company ever and it really sucks because they have only been around for no longer than 2 years, at least not that I know of, which says alot about their company.

  79. By Ray Cardona on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    CLEAR =


    I SAY NO MORE!!!



  80. By gerald on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    Clear has had many chances to correct the problems ive been having with service. I have called numerous of fix..looking for a me with a solution.

  81. By Stan on Feb 19, 2013 | Reply

    I have had clearwire for some time (years) I have no other choice. The phone lines do not even cover my home. I use a great cell phone service. Clear gives me 3-4 bars. I can not even watch the shortest You tube. The wheel of death. call customer service ! Wow, It must be imbarrassing to work there. Recently, E-mail won’t connect anymore. Has never done that before. Usually, its just the .5 up and down speed that ticks me off. I call using a cafe, the speeds there are way better. But, its a tad noisy. I say, I can check my E-mail through gmail. Can you send me the directions to this issue. “Well if you can’t access your email, it won’t do any good” I reply, “Thank you so much for your help.” Dispite all the things I wanted to say. Apparently their staff is as up to speed as their service.

  82. By Larry on Jun 26, 2013 | Reply

    OK. Who is going to stop these folks. They promised exceptional service. The best I had was one bar. I couldn’t even launch a browser window! THEN they had me buy MORE equipment, an antenna. I got TWO bars then! But wait, there is more. “Move it here, move it there, turn it East, turn it West, leave it in one spot for a week and try it.” Not I am OUT of my 15 day window!!! Pretty good trick! I smell a law suit!

  83. By sarna on Jul 23, 2013 | Reply

    I am using Clear for last 6 month with a same C**py service. When I call the customer rep. they tell me that there is issue in my area and it will be fixed shortly. When I got fed up and complained to them, they said they will charge me $25 dollar instead of $49.99 per month but when I checked my bank statement I saw that they charged me $49.99 every month. When I asked for the refund they said they sent me an email notification on my email address, which they never did. And they accused me of giving them wrong email address. These people are trained to lie to customers. I wish I can sue them. Do you know if there is any way we can sue this company?

  84. By deborah bartley on Jan 29, 2014 | Reply

    i have had them as a service for three yrs and always had a problem but i hated the other services so i listened to their lies and promises and the bullshit goes on the only thing i don’t understand is why hasen’t the fcc pulled their license to operate

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