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Another Lawsuit Filed Against CLEAR/CLEARWIRE! (January 19th 2011)

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Seattle, 6:25 pm, Tue 1/20/15 – User Submission by Robert N.

January 22nd, 2015

Well, they did it again. Took the network down just as I hit “Send” … there went a document I’d spent over an hour working on … pffft. Thanks, Clearwire (SlowWire? CrawlWire?)

But hey, taking the network down is a surefire cure for congestion!

Robert in Seattle (18:54 hrs PST, Tue 20 Jan 2015)

It’s not worth it. Trust me. Please read! (Clear Internet) – User Submission by Joel T.

January 1st, 2015

I’ve been using Clear Internet for almost half a year with my family and it is complete trash. I don’t know where to begin. Well, I’ll just start on why I decided to purchase this ridiculously shitty box that’s good-for-nothing. My wife and I don’t have a good source of income combined so we resort to the cheapest brands of food/groceries and the cheapest ways for television/phones/devices etc for us and our kids. So, with that being said we purchased Clear since it was only 30$/month. Biggest mistake. First off, almost every day it’s not that we argue or compete but we ask each other to get off youtube or to stop downloading things just so we could upload a photo to Facebook or check Instagram. Every time my son or my youngest son goes on youtube while I’m using my iPad I have to wait atleast half a minute or even 5 minutes to open up my email or Facebook. It may not sound like a lot time but believe me it gets IRRITATING. Second, on my own personal free time, I like to stream movies online and I get frustrated every time so I stopped. I had to wait atleast 10 seconds to load 3 seconds of the movie (I can’t believe that I got to the point to where I actually paused and counted it.) Third, one day, (by the way I don’t like to show emotions or get angry towards my family) I was simply pissed off because I couldn’t load Yahoo Sports on my iPad so I walked around my house, wife was on Facebook, my youngest son on youtube and my oldest son downloading a huge game (about 6.5 gb I believe? It was this game called Counter Strike Global Offensive or something like that.) And he was the last person I checked so when I walked to his computer, I saw the download speed and it was 17 Kb/S. If you don’t know, there are about 1000 kilobits(Kb) in a megabit and megabits are generally used in the internet-provider world to show download speeds. 17 Kilobits. Amazing, isn’t it? That’s 0.017 of a megabit. Completely ridiculous speed for a regular household activity. From what I know, the good routers or standard ones transmit about 4-8 or 5-10 megabits per second and I said 4-8 / 5-10 because it depends on what you do; (if you only read stuff online or if you have 10 tabs open downloading 30 gb’s worth of gaming along with streaming live events.) And the final thing I have to say, I feel that this is only meant for one person. Because whenever I’m home alone sometimes I actually can get things done or actually stream things without a lot of problems. But also, I can’t download things(I obviously can but you know, this internet download speed sucks shit.) So, yeah, that’s what I have to say. And if you’re too lazy to read anything above this repeat this next sentence to yourself. Do not get this even if you’re a family of four or if you like downloading things.

Without Service – User Submission by Thomas A.

November 5th, 2014

Three weeks and Clear still hasn’t repaired the tower in Angleton, TX. Any other cellular company would have repaired it in 3 days. No excuse for this and I’m on the verge of finding another company. It all started when Clearwire was bought out by Sprint.

Clear is throttling us and they even said it – User Submission by Valorie H.

October 30th, 2014

Hi, I detest Clear, but I don’t know if other companies are any better? First, they sold us a package, telling us we were in a good coverage area, and after months and months (and many hours) a rep finally told us we were ‘on the fringe of coverage ‘. Eventually we moved and Clear finally bought enough equipment to handle all the new customers they were signing up, sorta.

Skip to the present, and now we cannot stream Netflix through our Wii. After many days and hours of research and chats and phone calls with Netflix, Nintendo and Clear (who all blamed each other), I started looking into throttling more carefully and doing speed tests. An agent at Clear told me yesterday, what my speeds were supposed to be and what they actually are – big difference. She even said there was no way we could acquire the speeds that we pay for in our area, as it is ‘too congested’, although we are paying for unlimited high speed Internet. What a rip off.

Perhaps with AT&T losing a large lawsuit on this exact scam, other companies will take heed? Otherwise, a boycott is necessary – of course, since Sprint is/has taken over, this issue will probably get buried, since they bill for usage, which sucks even more. Funny, I hadn’t heard anything about the takeover until I went to to check my account, and was re-dire Ted to Sprint. I do not want to be a Sprint customer in any way, shape or form.

Are there any reputable ISPs out there? If they all go to usage fees, which it looks like they will, we will be charged through the roof. Are there any ways around being throttled?

Thank you for operating this site, Valorie H.

Horrible – User Submission by Nick B.

September 29th, 2014

Clearwire works fine during the day but stops working at night. I called tech support and they want us to buy a new modem. If it works during the day and not at night then how is it the device??? NO! They turn down your internet to next to nothing at night. They are scams. For 55 a month we cant do anything after dark. We will be dropping these duds.

Clear Sucks – User Submission by Carlitos Q.

September 29th, 2014

We had clear for over two years now and the last three months has been horrific ever since sprint bought clear. Customer service is freaking dreadful and pathetic. Get the class action lawsuit going!!!!’

My Clear Expirience – User Submission by Alex C.

September 29th, 2014

So I first started looking for an internet that would handle how much work we needed from it, something we could rely on, and wasn’t Com-crap(Comcast). So we googled for what we need and ClearWire came up, with the fact we where living and trying to help dig out a horder, it sounded promising. No one would have to come to the house, everything was done with no one ever having to come over. that should have been our first red Flag but we didn’t listen, after we called them and the sales department guy Lied and told us that It would handle multiple comuters and a game system aslong as we got the 49.99 package (now it’s around 60 a month). The first time we had problems we called them and found out how much he had Lied to us, and when I dememded and explination for why we where Lied to all the MANAGER, would tell us what “well we can’t be held responsible for what a new employee said.” and for almost a year now we have been being told Lie after Lie about why my service is shit. I have had Enough, I will not take being Lied to like this. But I refuse to support the Company that almost turned the internet into shit. Please what should I do!

Seattle, Washington, Alex

Cutting Spervice – User Submission by Derrell G.

September 15th, 2014

..well I had clearwire for years…and now downloading battlefield4 cut my service and downloads too 32 kb’s ..trying to get the game
it has taken 4 days with the puter on 24 hours a day…they cut my bandwith…to dialup..
they never told me I had limits…im in the country and they suck..
taking advantage of rural people…for company gains…witch I see it the other way..
that’s called loseing customers…

thanks a lot clearwire,,,chumps..


Junk – User Submission by Bill M.

September 3rd, 2014


We have had nothing but trouble with ClearWire here at our house. We’ve had the techs out here MULTIPLE TIMES and their excuse is “There must be a problem with your house.” What the hell? I have to reset the black box 6-7 times a DAY! Most of the time that doesn’t even work! I would love to give it up but they are the only service we can get in our area. Ya… Pissed beyond means.


Treasure Valley, Idaho

Billed me four years later – User Submission by Arte W.

August 26th, 2014

I tried Clearwire back in 2010, but it would not work in my area. 
Informed them of this and sent all equipment back. I had to pay for shipping.
Now, in August of 2014, I get a collection agency saying I owe them 27.50.
They have never sent me a bill, which they had over four years to do.
This sounds like ineptitude in the billing department, or a way to generate some extra revenue as most people cannot remember the exact details of a transaction four years ago.
I am disputing this billing, and will probably be contacting my State Attorney General’s office.