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Another Lawsuit Filed Against CLEAR/CLEARWIRE! (January 19th 2011)

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Clear Sucks – User Submission by Jeremy

December 15th, 2015

Well to start off i had pretty good service and experience from them. This being said they got me when it was time to get a new provider. I ended up going with comcast which has great service but sorry customer service but anyway back to clear. I called to cancel my service expecting they would prorate my last months chargers since it was clear who was going out of business and i get the sorry we can not prorate your last months bill you would have had to cancel 3 days earlier. This is crap every company phone, internet,tv prorates your service for anytime not used. I had thought about calling my credit card company and dispute the charge but saw your guys article and thought i would share.

Clear Internet Services – User Submission 

December 15th, 2015

Letter Sent to Washington State Attorney General
I have used Clearwire for internet Services for a few years, Dec, 2009. I lived in SeaTac .5 miles from the tower and had ok service with 4-5 interruptions/year. I moved to Kent,WA and live .6 miles from the phone/cable tower and it is generally aweful. I have had over a dozen outages, and numerous problems with the Service. The outage can be 10 or 15 minutes to an hour and I have had 1-2 that were 2 hours or more. I got 1 receiver device CPE/150 (about $90) then a free refurbished one expecting it to receive better signal Model WIXFBR131 from the CLEAR rep. 
The complaint I am making is based on speaking to an ex representative of Clear who works for a different Service, and I found that Sprint now owns CLEARWIRE, and it is dropping Accounts and I was told by the
ex-representative that CLEAR can throttle the speeds of Internet downloading/uploading to be lower and less usable.
I believe the ex-employee from CLEAR and that SPRINT is doing this at my residence .6 miles from the tower I am using. The closest SPRINT office is in between my Apartment and the close by tower ,2 blocks from the Storage where the tower is at.
According to CLEAR employees I am actually in a triangle of 3 towers and should receive excellent services,but I don’t. I have to refresh my web browser 10-25 times a day or more some days. It has failed today even before I could phone the Attorney General office to speak to them. I have asked how can I be .6 miles from the CLEARWIRE tower and Service be this bad ?
After many calls and requests for help,I would get instructions to unplug the device and wait 10 seconds and plug it back in and the reps ask how many lights are lit up on the modem/receiver I can have 5 but should have at least 2, but mine usually has 2 if I am lucky. The light shining to is show signal strength. I have done thiws 30-40 times…
I have also been told to put the receiver in the window and on the North or East walls of my Apartment ,but it doesn’t have windows on a north wall and the east window is in a bedroom.
When the service is out of normal commission , this makes the internet seem to be about 1/2 speed or 1/2 way usable. The refresh circle on YAHOO MAIL or other website will spin for 30 seconds, 1 minutes, 2-5 minutes several rimes a week.
The support reps i.e. Jason have said this can’t be improved and had kept my Service charge at $30.00 after it was gong to be raised up to $35.00/ act as a compensation since the Service isn’t up to expectations. Jason asked me also to message him on Facebook to address the modem/receiver issues and so I did that once or twice.

Clear Internet Service – User Submission by Iris S.

December 15th, 2015

I’ve had Clear for years, and like most here the service (connection) changed after the announcement about its shutdown.Some service, no service, tech issues have become a norm!
I was told my modem was bad, send $100 for a new why, why, service will be down in a month! I can’t change providers until I move, I think Clear/Sprint should issue rebate/ refund checks to all who remained customers after the announcement, for the loss of service during its shutdown.
Some people (like em) don’t have a lot of internet options, so staying a customer to the end is a must!I hope a class action suit comes out of this, customers should be refunded some of the monthly payments the shutdown is not the fault of the customer!

Clear Wire Sucks – User Submission by Denise F.

December 15th, 2015

Since they have decided to change to Sprint and even before this company sucks. I have had to change my credit card due to lost cards in the mail – and when I am one day late – they cancel my service! One day. And they don’t prorate me those days – it’s basically – too bad, no service. Their customer service sucks, they suck – and I hope they crash and burn.  

Clear Sucks – User Submission by Alex

December 15th, 2015

Going on 3-4 years now and seems I am never able to get steady connection even though I’m promised the best and on their chart it shows I’m in a strong signal area…. I feel cheated by this company time and time again… It would be nice to find a way to get back part of our money for not receiving most of the service… Clear really really does suck….. 

Clear as Shit Water – User Submission by Jacob R.

December 15th, 2015

Out where we live Clear has been the “best” option for internet for a long long time now. Sudden link won’t come out to us, even-though our neighbor about 100 ft away can get it, declaring us unserviceable, and AT&T doesn’t reach into our area. Let me tell you though that while Hughes net and other companies suck worse than Clear, it’s not by much. Even if you pay for higher speeds it doesn’t matter, as the customer service people, who are from India or something and speak little understandable english will tell you. It all depends on the “traffic” on the tower. Too many people on the tower, which happens all the time, especially when you really want to use it (aka after a long day of work) and the internet bogs down to a creeping crawl, and you’re stuck with constant interruptions, making it pretty much unbearable. I spend 30% of my free time trying to reset my equipment to see if it will work better, only to always be met with failure. Thank god Sprint is buying them out, because while Sprint’s data plans suck ass, Clear fucking sucks so bad someone should have buried them a LONG time ago!!!Sincerely,

Jacob R.

Lawsuit – User Submission by Ben B.

December 15th, 2015

I have a hard time understanding where there aren’t any lawyers out there who might get excited about what seems to me a clear (pun intended) case of: how can you charge for something you don’t provide?
so I haven’t had a real connection for four days… apparently my local tower is experiencing some sort of trouble…so I was told that this sort of thing is usually fixed in “two hours”… ok … four days now…


what are we paying for?

Ripped Off – User Submission by Karen M.

December 15th, 2015

My husband called to cancel our service on 15 September. …we have automatic payment so we r pd thru till 23 September. ..told either keep service till then or u lose that money cause we will not give it back to you….I believe that is called theft…..of course u service has begun to suck over the last couple of months. ..his email is different than mine. I will b going to the BBB & anyone else who will listen about you lack of morals & service. And yes I know u join w/ Sprint on 6 November. ..

Follow-up to August 29 Posting – User Submission by John F

December 15th, 2015

I called again the next day and this time I was told that the tower I had been connecting to was permanently taken out of service. (Previous two calls never told me this.)
I am not able to connect to the east tower because of a number of large trees in my neighbor’s yard. I can get a connection that is not very good on the west side but had to buy a wi fi connector to do it.
I also use this in my office and have been having trouble there as well. (Again I am told there is a problem with the tower.) I spent over 30 minutes on the phone yesterday and noted that my signal was varying between about 3 lights and no lights. This is the second time in less than a week that I have been off line for about half a day. And even when connected it is very slow. (After starting this email I again lost the connection.)
Clear is being taken over by Sprint. (I note there is also a Sprint Sucks web site.) Their service is much more expensive than I pay for my current service. You would think they would want to give good service to the Clear customers if for no other reason than to try to sign them up after Clear is discontinued. Instead the service has been getting worse every week. Why would anyone go to Sprint for the increased cost and terrible service? I can’t even send this email without getting an error message.

A Partial Remedy for Some – User Submission by Paul T.

December 15th, 2015

I knew i wasn’t alone, this page at least makes me feel a tiny bit more comfortable. It does seem that sprint sent out their notifications, then pulled the plug on everyone anyway. I hate sprint for wanting 200$ for a new modem and 100 for 10gb of data. I wonder if their other subsidiarity customers like those on freedom pop and boost are realising any hardships.
I personally think that we should now focus on sharing alternatives or research weve found on new coverage. Im unable to get capable, though if i was Time Warner is just as ruthless. dsl through Verizon was one an idea when i didn’t use the internet as much, but after Sandyv they take screwed the NY client base. For someone like me, who may not have excellent credit or tons of cash, this is really a. hardship. This week I’m going to change over to 4G lte by using a sim card router/modem that i bought from China. If you understand the network frequencies, you can obtain some very good service from the other telecom companies or rather MVNO plans. I realised the android hot spot i have through my phone works 10x better than Clear. It’s through Metro PCs, hence T Mobiles network. Since it worked well, i took note of the frequencies, and found the best data plan i could SO FAR find that comes from an MVNO provider, and bought av Hwuawei usb modem off eBay supporting the (1700/2100) frequencies. Funny thing, i have changed my configuration to using my ClearHub lan port to my Android tv box, then the hotspot tethering feature on android. I dunno why but it’s working much better, at least for this last week until August 31 ive had a better connection
Service is one problem with Sprint, but data allotments in the USA across the board are shit. In Europe, plans like O2, Three, , etc have data for amazingly low rates. What I’m going to have to do is a) conserve data b) turn off WiFi when not issuing it, literally, and c) continue researching for a better solution 10 GB OF data is what i purchased for 55.00 , and though I’m used to unlimited, im sure my use would be down measurably if i only watched how ive wasted it. There, i said it, we were spoiled by unlimited data , but we’ve got to realise that in the USA the internet situation has so far too come. Unless we’re prepared to move house to Europe or China, we’ve got to work together to share resources and bring about positive change. Just make sure to give as much detail without creating a footprint for other carriers to worry about. We don’t want to ruin it for everyone. It’ll take a while, yes, but eventually sorrow will come in the end for Sprint.
I shit on the grave of Sprint executive’s mothers for treating people like dirt in times of recession
What is everyone else doing?