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Another Lawsuit Filed Against CLEAR/CLEARWIRE! (January 19th 2011)

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User Submission by Jeffrey G.

April 9th, 2014

Clear sucks fuckn dick its the worst shit out there u can’t watch utube play xbox nuttin the only thing its good for is just sitting there looking fuckn stupid bullshit no one ever should get this garbage

Connectivity issues promised 3g 4g have less than 1Meg – User Submission by James S.

March 9th, 2014

I have been with clear wire since it started and just found out about the sprint deal; Sprint has always sucked here and they are bastards about billing and customer service. Sounds like clear found the perfect partner, they do not care about customers, the only way to talk to them is through chat, and since the internet connection sucks, they give all kinds of excuses like peak times and congested towers. Sounds to me like a lack of vision for the future and bad management. So their future and mine are about to part ways. I hate time warner, too, but at least their speeds are true. 10mbs is better than .26kbs. I cannot believe how stupid the clear top tier managers are to merge with a company like Sprint. I hate ATT but at least they are better than sprint. You all suck! If I was in charge of this company I would have heads on silver platters for letting it get this far out of hand. False advertising is a federal offense stupid! See you in Court.

Clearwire Services – User Submission

February 23rd, 2014

I used Clear wire services for less than a week and found that it was to say the the least a Horrendous experience. Services were not dependable or reliable and short they SUCKED. I called and canceled all services within a week and returned ALL of the equipment sent to me by Clear Wire within that week. I assumed that was end of it. I thought I was dealing with a REAL business but I was WRONG. Clear Wire Kept my deposit and billed for services for another year until I read my bank statements and caught this Robbery !!! I was paying for services that I couldn’t even access because ALL the equipment to use these services was returned a YEAR earlier. Clear Wire Stole approximately $ 800.00 from my bank account over that year and only returned about $ 180.00. They came up with every excuse but the truth for billing me, but fail to pay me for this thief. I guess this is referred to as GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICES when someone pays for a service that they Don’t want and Don’t have access to… Consumer Beware !!!

Biggest Ripoff in America – User Submission by Rich S.

February 23rd, 2014

So i signed up for this thinking that having the ability to move my router anywhere and connect to a tower would be a great idea. I bought this piece of equipment from Clear, $90, then I started my service, which fucking sucked balls since day 1!! I was getting download speeds of 1.5 mbs down on a speedtest, with pings as high as 150 ms. This may sound ok, however, try and watch a movie on netflix with this and you will soon see how shitty it really is. I actually had to connect an external router to this router to get a decent enough signal to watch netflix, and sometimes it still loads 5 times a minute. what about youtube? want to get pissed real quick? try and watch a clip on youtube or fb and you will flip. This internet is absolutely the worst ever. Call and complain and they blame the tower, every single time. Its in their script to blame the tower. I forgot to mention that when you call you get routed to CHINA, so when you ask them a question, the response is “ok”, Hello? OK? you stupid fuck I asked you a question which requires more of an answer than OK. Nothing against China, but can you get some people who speak english, especially since you fucking jacked the bill up to $60 a month for the same shitty service I got for $50, where’s the improvements? I cannot wait for the day that I break this router over my knee and throw it in the street, back my car over it numerous times, crushing it into a million pieces so i can mail this shit to their headquarters located in the basement of the CEO’s mother’s house. Biggest ripoff ever, they take advantage of people who don’t have an option on what provider they can get. Once a new one rolls into my area you can beat your chinese ass that ill be switching over real quick, fuck clear and their towers! which supposedly is only 5 blocks from my house! Total Bullshit and a scam

Fed Up – User Submission by Nikki P.

February 18th, 2014

Is there a class action suit on this company? This service is worst than dial up, when you used to have to leave the room for 20min and come back and hope the web page has loaded.
I have moved this modem to literally every spot in the house and still only 3 bars. The signal will not reach from the middle of the house to even one end! and its only about 1100 SF house. Constantly disconnecting and loosing signal. Literally constantly. It is completely ridiculous. Even at 2 or 3 am when you would think the “tower traffic” would be at a minimum……still waiting, waiting, waiting for a simple web page to load.
There must be something we can do……besides going out and buying another modem and service. I handed them money for a modem and service, and got nothing but aggravation in return, and wasted time. Really, they should have to stand up to their lies.

Clear Sucks!!! – User Submission by Mariano P.

February 12th, 2014

They are literally slower than a 56K modem. I had no idea they were so famous for sucking so much.

I could tell you lots of stories about lousy to nonexistent signal strength, but the latest happened today, when it took me half an hour of rebooting, etc, to attach a 1.8MB file to an email to send to a very impatient client. My livelihood depends on my connection speed, and Clear totally screwed me. Tomorrow I’m going to look for anything — anything — other than this fraudulent, rinky-dink “service.” I will drink a hearty toast when they finally go out of business.

Mariano P.

PS And yeah, their tech support are a bunch of underpaid, outsourced people in the Philippines who don’t seem to know much other than reading from the same script.

Service – Or Lack Thereof – User Submission by Patti R.

February 1st, 2014

I have had to purchase a Modem type of service for my home computer. From day one, the bar on my Modem has never been above two! about a year ago, they said it was because of my Modem, so i got another one in the mail, and this one is WORSE! IVE GIVEN UP CALLING THEM, the people are in India and do not understand nor care, and when i tell them i want credit, they say, you have to call everytime! Seriously, it takes about 45 min of their crap to get to a human who can do nothing! my phone hotspot is better than this crap.. anyone have another recommendation for a Modem type service…..they should be paying us.

Patti R.

Service even worse after the fee hike – User Submission by Aaron H.

January 27th, 2014

I live in Brooklyn, and initially got Clear unlimited 4G in the summer of 2013. I don’t know if most of the submissions here are representative of the average Clear experience, but my own experience has gone from tolerably mediocre to intolerably worse. In order to prod the connection into action, I have to run the Windows network “Diagnose and Repair” tool hundreds of times a day (once every 30 seconds on average, to the point where it’s an involuntary reaction to sluggish speeds). I even have to go so far as to restart the router and execute “ipconfig/flushdns” in Command Prompt at least once an hour. To give you an idea of how slow this internet connection is, I can’t even stream a Youtube video at 144p without the thing stopping countless times to buffer; it often takes about 1-5 minutes just to perform a Google search, which is ridiculous. The dial-up connection my family had 10+ years ago was much faster than this load of junk. I don’t expect lighting-fast speeds, just something decent and reliable. Is that too much to ask for, or am I being unreasonable? When Verizon FiOS comes to my area this spring, I am bailing ship if Clear’s service doesn’t drastically improve.

Aaron H.

Issues since sign up – User Submission by Alexis A.

January 18th, 2014

I live in a best coverage area and can literally see the tower yet the modem never gets more than 3 green lights. Called in and they told me to adjust the positioning of the modem. With them on the phone and running a portable generator and an extension cord I went outside and up to the perimeter fence and still only had 3 bars. The guy who was hard to understand because he barely spoke English told me that the walls of my home were interfering with the reception. I told him i am outside close enough to hit the tower with a rock he told me then something is wrong with the system every time I call it’s a new problem with the system . Now that sprint has taken over I am dropping them like a rock. Did a speed test as I was writing this email got the following results : PING 94ms DOWNLOAD 0.73mbps UPLOAD 0.35 mbp. My account will be terminated as of Weds the 22 of January 2014

Slow Connection – User Submission by Linda O.

January 14th, 2014

Ever since I got Clear a few years back, all has been great – 6 Mb/s down usually. Last week all has changed. Now I just got a speed of 50 kb/s down and 10 kb/s up. Dialup is faster. Speed comes and goes. Seems better late at night. Think Sprint threw a wrench in the works to chase off low paying customers. I pay $30/mo. Hope I can connect to send this email!!!