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Another Lawsuit Filed Against CLEAR/CLEARWIRE! (January 19th 2011)

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Clear constantly disconnects…customer support apathy – User Submission by Matthew H.

July 24th, 2014

I’ve been using Clearwire for a number of years, and it’s been getting consistently worse over time.  

The last six months have been atrocious.
I can barely watch any medium resolution video without lag and chop, even when all is “going well”.

I pay for the faster speed unlimited plan, which boasts download speeds of, what, up to 5Mbps?

I’m lucky if I *ever* get 1MBps…more often it’s less than 0.5 MBps.

Worse than that… my connection is constantly getting bumped offline and disconnected on what seems like a very regular pattern….either every hour, half hour or 15 minutes, with increasing “hostility” each time.

1st disconnect, I reset my adapter.
that may work.
2nd disconnect, I reset my adapter, but that generally doesn’t work the 2nd time… I have to actually repair the driver installation from Control Panel.

3rd disconnect, I have to uninstall and reinstall the driver and software completely.

When I go to Clear customer service (and the preferred method is through a chat interface, of course, and their first suggestion is to do something that disconnects the chat)…. their solution is to reset my connection and tell me that *it may take 2-24 hours to notice any improvement*….stupid me…the truth is that the billing cycle occurred within that 24 hours…..what a sucker I am.

So if I’m to believe the service technical support people… they seem to have no idea what sort of communication is occurring between my connection and their system.

The tech tells me “well we can see that you’re online, but you’re not directly connected to our towers, so we cannot diagnose this”…
If I’m not connected to their towers (or are they playing word games with the concept of wireless tech?) then who is intercepting and relaying their signal to me, and stealing my bandwidth?

It all seems very unscrupulous to me, with no accountability …if I speak to one person, and they can’t help me, instead of escalating my ticket themselves and ensuring proper customer service…they tell me just to call back later or call another number later (hoping the problem will just go away, since I’m the one whose full-time job is not dealing with this garbage)

A complaint about Clear – User Submission by George D.

July 22nd, 2014

I have had Clearwire, now Clear, service for many years. Typically it went well. A thunderstorm in the area would typically cause outages that would last a day or so, but then it’d be back, and plenty fast enough for streaming video, Skype calls, etc.

That all changed a week ago. Following one of the usually after-storm outages, Clear never came back at full strength. While downloads are 1-5 MHz, upload is .01-.02 MHz. Really. Super slow and it makes doing anything online tortuous or impossible.

I called service. What a joke. After unplugging and replugging my modem a few times, and running a few speed tests that all came up the same, the representative said he’d monitor my account the next few hours and refer the problem on to some mythical higher power. In other words, they did nothing.

Out here, my only alternative is satellite. I doubt if that’ll support Skype. It’ll certainly not allow me to continue to do the internet streaming I’m used to—Pandora most of the day plus internet TV and movies at night.

Clear used to be a good service. Not anymore.

George D.

It’s a “Clear” choice to switch off their plan – User Submission by Patti P.

July 20th, 2014

No matter how many times I’ve called to complain about the speed issue, no one helps me. It’s only my daughter and I. We don’t use our phones, laptop and tv all at once. Even just watching one show on Hulu takes ten minutes to load or never loads at all. And constantly buffers. One woman told mento learn patience. Ummmm seriously. The others said to put my box as close to the window as I can. It’s on the window sill. Has three sometimes four lights. They mean nothing because it still sucks. We have to use our phones LTE and 4G which is costing a fortune. I’ll be getting reimbursed and sadly I have to order from Comcast who I dislike equally because I have no other recourse. Clear products and service sucks!!!! :(

Patti P

Throttling to less than 1 MB of speed when paying for 6 MB – User Submission by Gigi G.

July 18th, 2014

Clear sucks for bad customer service, lying to customers, pretending to troubleshoot when they clearly know they are purposely throttling. I can’t wait to drop them.

User Submission

June 21st, 2014

I was with Clear for two years until I just couldn’t take the slow speed and dropping anymore. I called to cancel service and even though they just jacked the price of my 4G up to $54.99, they were willing to drop it down to $35 since I had been such a “loyal” customer. They’re telling me this as I’m am screaming, “I just want to cancel my service, I already have a new provider!” The customer service rep finally hears and understands me and agrees to close my account, however, they won’t close it until my billing cycle ends next month. I asked why wouldn’t it just be closed today and I get a credit for the remaining days on the billing cycle. I was then informed that clear does not prorate days on a monthly plan AND they do not issue refunds. What? Since when do you pay have to pay for days of service when your account is closed? Where can I sign up for the lawsuit? So I glad I’m done with them.

I’ve Forgotten How F-ing Slow Clear is! – User Submission by Robert in Seattle

June 15th, 2014

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to use my neighbor’s Comcast wireless connection (with his permission, of course) for over two years now, and have been in high-speed internet heaven until he had to move away last month. Now, I’m back on the Clear network, which blows and sucks at the same time! My Clear connection comes with the apartment I’m renting, so can’t do much about it (landlord doesn’t want holes in walls for cable connections). Now, I’ve forgotten how bad the Clear connection was. It is sooooooo agonizingly slow! Can’t even watch YouTube without it taking 45 seconds to a minute to load, and then hangs mid-point to buffer again!. Sometimes, simple pages won’t even load. It is absolutely atrocious! I’m seriously thinking of biting the bullet and paying the install fee (and a deposit with the Landlord for putting a hole in the wall) to get Comcast installed. Clear is an absolute piece of crap. Do yourself a favor, don’t even think about getting Clear as your ISP.

Robert in Seattle

Impossible to use for a family of more than 1 – User Submission by Kenny S.

June 14th, 2014

I live with a family of 5, and we are all connected with multiple devices at almost all hours of the day. The downloads take hours on end, and go at around 1-3mbps (we’re paying for 6) I love playing video games, but I can’t. High pings exceeding 150 make almost any game that includes a multiplier element unplayable. Plus, the packet loss often exceeds 25%. The customer service is telling me that our modem is in a bad place, but it has 5 bars and is in a window. Regardless of how much I explain to my father, he doesn’t believe that TWC is better than clear. For a mere $5 more, we could have 2.5x faster download speeds, and get good ping. Not only that, downloading something won’t shut down our entire house and make an angry mob of family members come and chase you down. I wish I could just pull the plug on the stupid, but I don’t think that’ll ever happen. CLEAR SUCKS

User Forum is Closed + Other Updates

June 11th, 2014

Because of the increase in spam and the decrease in user posts, we have decided to close the User Forum.

We still accept submissions if you want to tell the world your story about dealing with Clearwire. To submit, please email

I can’t believe that we’ve had this website for almost 10 years, and submissions are still coming in! Please continue to submit your stories and we’ll feature them on our front page! I’ve long moved on from Clearwire, but want to ensure that the voice of the customer is still heard in hopes that Clearwire see’s that they can’t get away with their deceptive business practices.

Someday I’ll tell the story about how they kept calling and harassing my parents when they found out I ran this site, when I lived hundreds of miles from them and they weren’t the ones on the account. I should also post the cease and desist letters they emailed me. That would be fun. 

Clear is outta here! – User Submission by Stan H.

June 11th, 2014

I order the Clear home box and hotspot when it first came out. Service was so bad I called in and complained, I was told about the tower crap too. I got $20 bucks knocked off my bill for a year, I think they have a way to give you more juice if you complain enough, because that night on the phone, they did something to increase the power. I was even told to go outside and walk in the signal. But to me, the dumbest thing is, when the rep asks you to remove the back and read the little numbers on the device. Hell, you sent it to me, why don’t you have those numbers off the device, or, provide a magnifying glass to see the small print. DUMB!

My service drops between the hours of 5-6:45am, not working for me. Keep getting 900 error messages during those times. We can’t watch a movie without it stalling out or dropping It sucks. I called in today to return all of my equipment to find out they are now Sprint. I hate Sprint, because they screwed up a bill a long time ago. I still only get 3 bars on the home box, and the new hot spot, who knows. It Cleary sucks. Please include me if there is ever a class action lawsuit. I hear Verizon has the better hot spot, I will be looking into that, once I get Clear, clearly, squared away.

Stan H.

I was sent to Collections with out any notice – User Submission by Jose S.

May 31st, 2014

Back in October I called Clear and told them that I wanted to cancel my service due to short of funds at the time. I was transferred to a sales rep to try and keep me. I was sold on a promotion of paying $25.00 for 6 months. I get the first bill and the amount is $34.00. I called and I was told that I was not informed but I would still have to pay a leasing fee of the modem. I said I was not told this and I shouldn’t have to pay. I was then told to buy the modem and there would be no more leasing fee which at the time was well past my 2 year contract. I told them I don’t have money I would rather cancel. I was told to think about and call back to receive that promotion or maybe when I did call there would be other promotions. Well today I called and find out that my account was in default of 90 days and it was sent to collections. I got irate because that was not what I was told. I asked for them to listen to the recorded conversations. They declined. I was transferred to a supervisor which just got on the phone and said your wrong and you owe the balance. I asked why I have not been notified before that it was sent to collections and why did I have to call in to be aware. I was told by the clear supervisor that I would have to ask that question to the collection agency. I proceeded to ask Rick why clear never notified me that I was being sent to collection. Why I never got a final bill or follow up bills. I got the number to the collection agency they tell me that there was no contact to me because they didn’t have my number and that clear sent them my number May 14, 2014. Also as far as I’m concerned since I work for a state agency that does collections the customer is to be notified that if the bill is not paid it would be sent to collections. I called clear back to ask why my number was with held and they did a three way call with the collection agency and I was told that a notice is not sent until first contact with the customer. Well if I wouldn’t have called I would still be in the dark. I’m upset not at the fact that I now have to pay late fee but at the fact that there was no communication in regards to anything that Is happening until I decided to call and inquire to re start my service.

Jose S.