Clearwire Sucks [dot com] 2005-2017

A Message from the Clearwire Sucks Site Admin:

I started this website back in 2005 when I had Clearwire and the service was terrible and their support wouldn't do anything about it.

One day, after purchasing the domain, local Clearwire teams sent an email to all of their customers in the area advertising something. However, they forgot to put all the customers email addresses in the BCC field, so everyone could see all the email addresses. I took the opportunity to reply back to everyone asking them if they had issues as well, and to post on the website. Some people were annoyed by my email. Many others replied back that they had issues too. This website helped bring a voice to those who were stuck in a contract with poor service.

Over time, I learned a lot about Clearwire. For instance, someone sent me a map of their cell towers and the range they would serve, and my house wasn't even in range. They charged me for service they couldn't deliver. Eventually I was able to escape Clearwire, but I kept the site open and kept updating for others. We organically achieved #2 site ranking on google for "Clearwire" and maintained that position for years (until they found a way to kill our SEO). Last I kept track, we had over 10 million website views. I was also interviewed by Forbes about the website, as well as a couple other news outlets. I had Clearwire Employees posting my family's contact information on to our forums, and disclosing account details as well (after alerting Clearwire of this illegal breach, they promoted the bastard). I heard from many people who worked at Clearwire, and they said everyone knew about this website and that we were truly a thorn on their side, and when those people left Clearwire, they encouraged us to keep moving forward. While we may never know - I hope that this website made a difference for those of us who were stuck in a contract paying for something we were not getting.

Clearwire no longer exists today. Sprint purchased them some time ago, and then shut down the services, so there is no longer a need for this site. So, after 12 years, 3 Cease and Desist letters, numerous site hacks, thousands of customer submissions, 2 site copy-cats, and a really terrible offer to purchase the website from me (which I declined), it's time to shut down the website.

I would like to thank everyone for joining the conversation and sharing their experiences.

If you would like to see what was once on the website, please visit The Internet Archives.

-The Clearwire Sucks Team